A global version of the social media app is TikTok, which released in September 2016 named Doyin. This video platform and music platform was created by the current internet technology in China, ByteDance, an artificial intelligence media company that has beaten Uber recently to become the world’s most valuable startup. TikTok itself describes as a “Global Videos Community,” with sharing the videos creating by the users on any topic nearly you can imagine.

The platform includes a wide range of the tools of the array, music, and the filters to make the videos created by the user appear incredibly encouraging the users, professional to create the video content by themselves and engage further with the video-sharing platform. TikTok was allow you to reach a much more milestone by buy TikTok fans . last year with its becoming the most downloadable app on both the Apple App Store, The Google Play, placing it even above Instagram and Facebook! So, what is this creative filming app over the rise the two past two years ? will it be able to keep up the growth with the videos platform seeing now over with 250 million users daily in 2019? And finally, it is a good fit for marketing my business? We all answer all this and below more!


We will need to cover the version of the Chinese app called “Douyin.” Although the ordinary parent company, ByteDance, developed Douyin and TikTok, they are the real wholly two different types of the content, and the content is shared not between the platforms. Users and creators are also unable to interact with another one across these two different apps. Depending upon which app store you have access to, you will have only access to the one app version—a Douyin in the Chinese app stores and the TikTok in the overseas app stores. The two different apps host whole different content, and that content is not between shared the platforms. Users also are unable to interact with another one across these two separate apps. 

Douyin app launched in 2016 September, and within the one year of the release, it’s on the internet, and it has gained much more than 100 million users and has reached second place in the most downloadable app in the App store of Chinese. The most reliable performance of the app made the TikTok app as 6th most downloadable non – game app in the Google Play and Apple Store.