TikTok is a part of your family life if you are a parent of a tween, your child will beg for hours for your permission to download the TikTok app whether they are spending hours more on the app TikTok. For creating videos, TikTok is a particular media app for the uninitiated, usually, dance along with top songs and lip-synching with top songs. You can share the videos that you have created with your friends or with the broader circle of users on TikTok. You can also follow other users or creators on the TikTok app without the posting of your content. People can become famous virally on TikTok by buying Tiktok likes, many TikTok minor celebrities have one lakh plus followers, and the biggest stars and celebrities have broken the 10 million followers and more.


Kids like to get together with their followers and friends to make the videos on TikTok. TikTok can be fun, some videos are cute and lighthearted, and can be a place of kids’ creativity, says the senior editor of Common Sense Media’s parent editor Christine Elgersma. The editing feature of TikTok makes it so easy to create professional-looking videos for kids. All ages of people use TikTok and a lot of videos involving dancing or lip-synching to the popular and famous pop hits. The feature named Digital wellbeing on the TikTok app gives the option to parents to put limits on filter and screen time out of content, which is inappropriate. You can filter out specific keywords, block accounts, filter out spam, and filter out offensive comments.  The particular TikTok version allows the children to view only deemed videos that are only appropriate for children and they can create videos. Still, they cannot post them for other users’ views.


When you open the account on TikTok, it will default to “public.” Protect your child’s account by setting your child profile as “private.” If you have a private account, your child profile is only visible to the people you approve to follow, like, comment on your videos. You should turn off the options like “Allow others to find me” and control who can react to your videos and comment on your videos, and send you a message. And view the videos that you have liked, and make a duet with you if you set the account of your child “private” on TikTok.