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This is significantly larger than the population of even the most populous country in the world, China. The advent of cheap smartphones and widespread internet access has allowed the social media world to expand to all corners of the globe.

Companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational conglomerates, are taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the rise of the Internet by employing a variety of social media marketing strategies. Examining the content that leading brands produce and distribute can provide insight into how to integrate your own brand into this space.

We’ve outlined the magic sauce behind successful brand social media pages to aid you in this endeavour.


The 2018 IPA Effectiveness Award went to Starbucks for its outstanding social media strategy. Their ability to add a human touch to many campaigns sets them apart. The Starbucks Stories campaign, #ToBeHuman, is a great illustration of this idea. Users were drawn in by animated videos depicting staff members telling inspiring tales. They show their humanity by responding to customers in an upbeat and playful manner.

Starbucks’ commitment to high-quality visuals is unwavering. The channel for this brand has amassed a devoted fan base thanks to its high-quality visuals, inventive videos, and informative captions that make liberal use of emoji and punctuation.

You can see the results of its social media strategies in the way it promotes limited-time offers to drive traffic and interest. The Unicorn Frappuccino that Starbucks offered for a brief three-week period in 2017 is a good example of this.

  • Adherents, in terms of platforms
    Facebook: 36 million users
  • 17.9 million people use Instagram
  • Twitter: 10.9 million users


Authentic photos are what AirBnB uses, rather than ones that have been enhanced or altered in any way. Tourists are drawn to this vacation rental website because of the interesting stories, contacts, and experiences its users share on Instagram stories. When curating Facebook content, the Facebook strategy takes into account user history, such as searched keywords and reservations.

We Accept is a noteworthy campaign in this regard. In response to complaints from customers alleging discrimination on the basis of their gender or race, the company released a social media advertisement. Brands can gain credibility on social media if they follow this example and admit their mistakes while also making changes to their services.

Adherents, in terms of platforms

  • The number of Facebook users is currently at 17 million.
  • 4.81 million people use Instagram
  • On Twitter, there are 733 thousand users.


Joining the Playstation’s social media accounts is like entering a different dimension. Gameplay videos, trailers for upcoming titles, and live-streamed events are just some of the many types of content that are routinely uploaded to and shared across all available channels.

As part of its #PlayAtHome campaign, Playstation made downloadable in-game content available for free. Promoting it on social media contributed greatly to its enormous success. But that’s just a taste of how it keeps people coming back for more.

This gaming company has set up a dedicated Twitter account called “Ask Playstation” to field questions and offer support. Did you know it boasts the most followers of any brand on Twitter?

Adherents, in terms of platforms

  • About 39 million people use Facebook.
  • Facebook – 1.3 billion
  • There are currently 21.91 million users on Twitter.

Pizza from Domino’s

Domino’s shows how much ingenuity is required to succeed in the social media arena. Not all ads focus solely on the delicious pizzas for sale, but address the problems that customers have. It started a campaign called “Paving for Pizza” to raise awareness about the problem of potholes in American cities. The fast food chain asked its customers to suggest deserving communities for a paving grant. According to PRWeek, there were 35,000 mentions in just the first week.

The regular blog updates and Twitter tweets are seasoned with just enough savoury humour to keep customers coming back for more. Recent tweets from it read as follows:

“Similar to pizza.

Like and share if you want more pizza.

Domino’s provides the best possible response to user complaints in a timely fashion. Customers’ satisfaction is a crucial factor in establishing trust. It’s no surprise that many aspiring digital marketers regularly check this brand’s social media pages for marketing tips and tricks.

  • Twitter has over 1.3 million followers.
  • Total number of Facebook users: 21 million
  • A total of 1.7 million people use Instagram.


In closing this article on brand social media pages, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention Netflix.

Even on their social media channels, the most popular OTT service in the world makes sure users never get bored. Most of Netflix’s social media posts feature memes from its original content, adding a lighthearted touch. On top of that, it allows for even greater customization of suggestions than before. Consider, for instance, a tweet from May of the year 2020, which posed the question, “What is your country like?” in the form of a GIF. In response to each answer, it suggested a film.

In order to gather opinions on the content it creates, polls are frequently included. The majority of respondents (87.3%) agree that Netflix should produce another season of Stranger Things. To us, that is the pinnacle of social media efficacy.