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The number of monthly active users on social media platforms is in the hundreds of millions, if not the billions. It can be challenging for brands to get their feet wet in social media marketing because each platform has its own rules and aesthetic.

We break down the most visited sites and offer suggestions for how to put them to use for your business.


1.79% of the world’s population uses the internet at least once a month.

Although people of all ages and both sexes use Facebook, a slightly higher percentage of women (76%) than men (66%) who have Internet access are regular visitors to the site. Internet users under the age of 30 outnumber users over the age of 65 and those in the middle age bracket.

Having a Facebook page is the first step in promoting your business on the social media platform. With a Facebook page, you can connect with your customers on a platform they already use. Users will be able to share their opinions and thoughts on your product, and conversations that take place on your page will appear in the feeds of other users.

There are a variety of other business applications for this site, including:

  • Facebook descriptions that make use of search engine optimization and keywords. SEO is not just about getting people to your website; it’s also about getting your website to the top of search engine results.
  • using video clips. According to the majority of Facebook studies, shorter videos have a greater impact on engagement. There are a number of ways to do this, such as through the site’s livestream feature or through short videos demonstrating your products.


Approximately 317 million unique monthly users.

In terms of age distribution, 37% of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 25% are between the ages of 30 and 49. Microblogging on the site is slightly more popular among men than women, with 24% of men and 21% of women who have internet access using the service. Adults with a college degree are more likely to use the site than their less educated counterparts.

One of the major online social arenas where influencer marketing plays a big role is Twitter. Keep track of the people who have sway over your target audience and make it a daily habit to engage with them all by creating a Twitter list and using the hashtag #hashtag. As long as you don’t go overboard, using tags can be useful as well.

Some other productive Twitter uses are:

  • Constantly updating my Twitter status. If you don’t tweet on a regular basis, your followers may start to dwindle. If potential new followers see that your account is inactive, they may choose not to follow you. Make an effort to tweet once per day.
  • A reciprocal exchange of messages. Be sure to at least “like” a response if you’re mentioned on Twitter; this shows that you’re paying attention to what people are saying about you. Promote your business by making use of trending hashtags related to your offering. In addition, you should use trending hashtags if and when they are appropriate for your brand. Popular hashtags on Twitter often get clicked on by users who are interested in the conversation surrounding that topic, so including your company’s tweets within those hashtags can increase your brand’s exposure.


600 million unique monthly users.

In terms of demographics, women are slightly more likely to use Instagram than men are, at 29% versus 22% of online women and 22% of online men respectively. Of all adults, 53% are young people (18-29).

When compared to other social media platforms, Instagram is the one where hashtags reign supreme. Instagram, the dominant photo-sharing platform, doesn’t put a cap on the number of hashtags you can use, so you can stuff your photos full of them to increase the chances that your post will be seen by the people you want it to.

If you’re looking for more ways to promote your brand on Instagram, try:

Cross-promoting. Will you be carrying makeup brushes? Perhaps if you collaborated with a cosmetics brand or a makeup artist, you could reach a wider audience. If you’re in the business of selling design software, forming an alliance with the visual arts community could boost your visibility.
Intent on clicking on your link. The phrase “Link in bio” is commonly used to direct people to a specific website or product page. Share content about your product or service and direct readers to a landing page by including a link in your bio. It’s much more effective than just putting up a link to your homepage or main store.
producing high-quality posts regularly. Since Instagram is primarily a visual platform, the images, videos, and graphics you share should be well-designed.


In terms of monthly active users, we’re talking about 150 million.

Statistics show that women have a massive advantage over men on Pinterest. The statistics show that 42% of online women use Pinterest, while only 13% of online men do. Adults aged 18–64 use it at about the same rate, with those aged 18–29 using it slightly more frequently than those aged 60–64.

The pinboard is where Pinterest truly shines. There is at least one board out there, and even infrequent users have access to it. Make it possible for your customers to keep up with the latest happenings at your business by posting updates to a board that appears on their news feed whenever you make a new post about your products or blog. According to the numbers, Pinterest is an even more effective referral source than Google.

Create pinnable images for your website. Images created for the sole purpose of being pinned are commonplace on food and DIY blogs. In order to encourage customer sharing, you can provide them with high-quality images or image collages that communicate a specific message.
Getting the word out about your lapel pins.