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Use of Social Networking Sites All Over the World

Twitter enthusiasts and Facebook chatters aren’t the only ones who use social media. It does require access to the internet, but these days, that’s not too much of a problem. When compared to traditional computer hardware, smartphones, for instance, are more intuitive for the average user. People in developing countries now have access to the global community, even on slow internet connections, thanks to social media. Marketers targeting consumers in developed nations would do well to bear in mind that social media is nearly ubiquitous in these regions and is tailored to the needs of regular users.

  1. There was a 10% increase in social media users from 2021 to 2022. Those numbers translate to an increase of over 376 million users and a total of 4.62 billion people who can be reached via social media.

  1. The 4.62 billion people who use social media make up just over half of the global population and represent 93.4% of internet connected people.
  2. Within the next five years, analysts predict that there will be 4.4 billion people using social media.
  3. More than a third of people’s time online is predicted to be spent on social media. This amount of time spent online equals 1.25 years. It opens up a wide variety of avenues for interacting with potential clients.
  4. Northern Europe and Western Europe have the highest concentration of social media users in the world. There is an 85% and 84% saturation level there, respectively. (More reading: Top 5 Chinese Social Media Sites for Advertising)
  5. In contrast, the percentage of the African population using social media ranges from 8% (Middle Africa) to 45% (Southern Africa) (Southern Africa).
  6. In January of 2022, the typical user spent 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media and messaging apps.

In the USA, people use social media to connect with one another.

The United States is important for brands looking to expand their social media presence because it is the birthplace of many of the most popular social networks and the home of the world’s largest economy.

Furthermore, the United States is home to Silicon Valley, the world’s leading centre for technological innovation.

The United States of America has such a large concentration of internet users that data pertaining to the country is crucial. Finally, Americans have a high purchasing power relative to their incomes, making social media marketing to them an absolute necessity.

8. At least 82% of American online adults use at least one social networking site. By 2023’s end, there will presumably be 257 million people active across all social media platforms.

9. Nine out of ten grownups in the United States use multiple social media platforms. The majority of adults who have access to the Internet are multi-account users (56%).

10. According to Emarketer, the rate of social media use varies greatly with age. Users aged 18 to 34 have the highest penetration rate (90.4%). Generation X has a participation rate of 77.5%, while the Boomer generation is still at 48.2%.

11. Research shows that 90% of young adults have used or are using social media.

12. The vast majority of the adult population in the United States makes use of some form of social media. Sixty-eight percent of all adults have social media accounts. There aren’t many places where you can get in front of your target audience so efficiently.

13. The average age of a child’s first social media account is 13. Indeed, a startling 44% of children aged 8 to 11 are active on social media. Teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 have the highest rate of use, at 87%.

Statistics on Social Media Use by Medium

Do you remember when connecting to the internet required using a slow desktop computer? Well, thankfully, things have evolved, much to the delight of social media sites and their active users. In all likelihood, the vast majority of us own at least one laptop or desktop computer, if only for use in our professional or academic lives. Consumers in developed nations rely less on desktop computers and more on mobile phones (and mobile internet) to access the web. There’s also the fact that kids these days may be more likely to have access to a smartphone than a laptop. Because of these and other reasons, mobile phone access to social media has grown in significance. Marketers who use social media should take special care to make their campaigns mobile-friendly.

14. Almost all social media users (91%) access their accounts from mobile devices. These connected individuals frequently use their mobile devices to gain access to social media.

15. Nearly 80% of all time spent on social media is done so on mobile devices.

16. Almost all people who use social networking sites do so from a mobile device.