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To say “This is what we do” in marketing is inadequate.

It’s common knowledge that you’re a hairstylist. Hence, it is essential to showcase your abilities by displaying your work with photographs of “backs of heads,” but this does nothing to bring your brand’s audience closer to you. If you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level, you need to let them inside your world by showing them the real you.

Tips for Successful Advertising on Social Networking Sites

Using lighthearted, genuine methods to promote your business will not only bring in more customers, but they will also be the sort of customers you like working with. Using these 2023 social media tactics for user will result in a slew of new customers that aren’t just interested in getting their hair done at your user, but in supporting your business overall.

Help others around you.

In addition to helping out in your own backyard, partnering with local charities may do wonders for your brand’s reputation. Doing good deeds for the community has double promotional value for your user. One immediate benefit is that more people will see your company’s name and logo after interacting with the organisation. Second, it shows that your company cares about its community and will attract customers who seek out organisations with similar values.

Do a series of “introductions” so people may learn more about the team.

The act of having one’s hair cut is a very personal one. There must be a great deal of trust established before a customer is willing to put their appearance on the line for three to six months (or more). Who is it that we typically believe? Brands and celebrities we feel a connection to.

If you want to offer potential clients a sense of the stylists at your user before they make an appointment, you may do a “get to know us” series on social media. Anything from a weekly “getting to know you” inquiry for each stylist to images of their pets is fair game. If it helps you learn anything intriguing and entertaining about the folks that frequent your user, then you’ve got a winner.

Tattoo Tuesday serves as our latest “get to know us” installment. Every week on Tuesday, we feature a stylist’s tattoo and get an explanation from them. It’s a creative outlet for our company that allows us to highlight the uniqueness of our stylists.

Use freebies to promote your brand new offering.

One of the most effective methods to promote a new product or service at a user is to give them free samples. You may use social media to announce the winners of your contests and convert them into engaging online events, polls, surveys, and daily updates.

We’ve added facials and waxing as well as our own line of products in the past year. These were details that hadn’t yet been shared with the visitors. To get folks in the door to sample these new products, we started organising freebies online, and the results were impressive.

One Purpose for Social Networks Is to Have Discussions

People go on social media to unwind, be informed, and connect with their favourite businesses and friends all in one place. Putting your own self out there in engaging ways on social media increases the likelihood of making a meaningful connection with potential customers, which in turn increases customers being loyal to your company.