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TikTok marketing has emerged as a leading strategy for promoting brands on social media.

With more than 60 million downloads in Q2 2022, the short video app boasted in 2021 that it had exceeded one billion monthly active users.

Memes, dancing challenges, and other viral moments have made TikTok a popular platform for businesses of all sizes. It would be unusual to discover successful businesspeople who aren’t at least trying out the app.

The benefits of using TikTok for small enterprises

Yes, it’s true that TikTok has a large user base, but does that mean it will also serve to increase awareness of your brand?

In a word, yeah. TikTok is unique among social media in that it does not restrict your video feed to the accounts you currently follow. The For You page is the app’s homepage, and it is a never-ending stream of material that includes not only videos from individuals you already follow, but also videos from people the app believes you would like based on your browsing history and other factors. That implies potential clients can discover your videos without visiting your profile first.

Creating video that people want to watch, enjoy, and share can do wonders for your brand on TikTok.

This novel approach to searchability has facilitated the meteoric rise of accounts and the exponential expansion of companies releasing video content.

In addition, the app hosts a #smallbusiness community, where business owners can network and promote one other’s content using custom-made trends, noises, and hashtags.

With a free TikTok business account, you may drive clients to your online store by including a link to it in your profile bio. Add a Linkpop page to your site to easily curate your online shop, highlighted goods, and other information with one simple URL. That’s one method you can make money using Tik Tok.

Creating video that people want to watch, enjoy, and share can do wonders for your brand on TikTok.

Here are eight ways you can put TikTok to work for your company

Is there a secret to being yourself on TikTok? Erin shared with us some of the tried-and-true methods she employs that you can utilize too.

Unseen Details

One of the most common sorts of videos shared by businesses on TikTok is behind-the-scenes looks at the company’s operations.

These TikToks reveal the inner workings of a business and allow patrons a glimpse inside the production of their orders.

Erin insists that users “always be transparent” on the platform. When launching a product or service, or even just mailing out your first order, people want to see evidence that what you’re saying is true.

Showing how you manage your own firm adds a personal touch and satisfies interest without necessitating a detailed explanation of every step you take. It’s surprising how many people are fascinated by things that are, to you, routine.

Packing up a purchase

Packing an order on film is a creative approach to demonstrate your attention to detail and provide insight into the inner workings of your business.

Here’s your chance to provide prospective buyers a glimpse of what they may anticipate from your shipping services. Freebies, thank-you letters, and customized packaging are all excellent additions.

Suggestions for Managing a Small Business

Erin’s strategy has been quite successful and has attracted a large fan base because of this style.

Many other company owners and potential business owners use TikTok and would appreciate your guidance. They may be drawn to your TikToks because of the advise you offer, but they may also become paying clients and promote your channel by sharing it with others.

It’s not necessary to spill the beans, but honesty thrives in an atmosphere of openness. You will strengthen your reputation as a capable company leader and an example to your peers in the process.

Demonstrate how your items are utilized.

While this form of TikTok shouldn’t make up the bulk of your uploads, it is important to promote your wares.

Launches of New Products

Using TikTok as a teaser platform might generate interest in a product before it is even released. You’ll get clients who are eager to buy when the product finally hits shelves, and you’ll demonstrate your brand’s expansion capabilities.

Familiarize yourself with yourself or your staff

Because of its focus on users’ individuality, TikTok has become a popular app. The vast majority of videos on TikTok are just people chatting away, but you don’t need the charm of a full-time influencer to succeed with this format.

People like it when they can put a face to a name when dealing with a company. Seeing a person’s face instead of a never-ending list of goods is also far more interesting.

Talk to Your Clients

There are a number ways in which TikTok’s features encourage user participation.

To start, there are duets. With this setting on, you may make a TikTok that embeds another user’s video next to your own. This is a creative approach of addressing customers who post films showcasing their purchases or providing product feedback. Coupon vouchers are another great way to get people to share their movies online.

The alternative is to turn a comment into a video. You may record a video with an overlay of a customer’s query or praise by clicking Reply.

Identify a Pattern

TikTok is full with popular memes, challenges, and noises that you may use if you’re at a loss for what to create.

It does take some time to go through TikTok and discover what’s popular right now. In order to get creative ideas, it might be helpful to follow other companies and read the content they offer.