Learn everything about the Reels feature of Instagram, a direct social media competitor of TikTok. Find what is Instagram Reels,  how to use Instagram Reels, and tips and tricks to promote your brand with Instagram Reels.

The Reels feature of Instagram is one of the content types that let users film and share fifteen seconds videos with friends and followers on the Explore page, a brand new dedicated feed.

Instagram Reels feature is an attempt of Facebook to competete with the social media network TikTok; it is also mainly aimed at short-form video making and is particularly famous for Generation Z.

In late 2019, Instagram Reels was launched in Brazil firstly. Now, Instagram Reels are available for more than fifty other global countries, including Japan, India, Australia, the Uk, and the US . on both Android and iOS. Instagram Reels is being criticized as a copycat of TikTok, but Instagram Reels has gained more positive responses from brands and influencers. More marketers and brands, and users said that they are planning to experiment with the Instagram Reels features while continuing their TikTok presence. Big brands like Beardbrand, Walmart, and Sephora are using Instagram Reels already.  Many marketers and brands are also used to buy Instagram Reels views to maximize their views

Much more like TikTok, Reels of Instagram also provides you a group of creative tools to make engaging and short videos on Instagram. Film and edit fifteen seconds multiple clip Instagram Reels clips with sounds, stickers, special effects, and text, and then share the Reels video with your fans and friends.


Since the  Reels of Instagram is a rival of TikTok, it is much valuable to discuss how that platform is different and or similar. The TikTok and Instagram Reels’ essence is the same: providing the creators with an imaginative space to make and share short video clips with other people. They allow users to film their best possible clips with imaginative options.

Instagram Reels are the newest inbuilt feature of the Instagram ecosystem. Users can make only a 15-second video. Reels video shared to the Instagram Stories will disappear after twenty-four hours. A local file upload and diet are not supported currently. 

Tiktok a social media platform. The video limit of TikTok is up to one minute. All video clips stay on the TikTok platform. Users can directly upload the songs into the application’s system and can duet with each other.


Do not get confused between Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels. Thye has some key differences, even though they sound familiar a much like each other:

Instagram Reels provides various tools for editing, including aligning multi video clips for clean transitions, speed controls, AR effects.

Your audio will be attributed to you if you use the original sound, and other creators can use it to make their new Reels.