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You may have heard that Instagram Reels are the next big thing in terms of earning money. Meta estimates that 675.3 million viewers may be reached with advertisements on Instagram Reels, while a study found that Instagram Reels enhance engagement by 22% compared to standard videos.

Consider reevaluating your Instagram content strategy and incorporating Instagram Reels into your 2023 business plans in light of these massive figures.

Here at Plann, we’re huge fans of Instagram and want to help you use the platform to its full potential. We have compiled the best practises and intimate knowledge you need to create outstanding Instagram Reels.

Instagram reels: what are they?

Instagram reels are 60-second videos that play in the app’s prominent front and centre. This kind of content placement allows for a lot of room for innovation on the part of both the brand and the author.

Instagram Reels covers a wide range of interests, including travel, lifestyle, humour, dancing, gastronomy, and more. While some movies have stunning video footage, others feature photographs or behind-the-scenes footage set to upbeat music.

After debuting in 2020, Instagram Reels have only continued to grow in popularity. With Reels prominently featured on the Explore Page, now is the perfect opportunity to reach the 81% of Instagram users who use the app to learn more about businesses, goods, and services.

In a recent announcement, Instagram stated that it will be implementing a “full-screen” mode, giving preference to Reels over other content kinds and adopting a design that looks eerily like that of TikTok, a rival.

Now is the chance to try out Reels and see how they may help get your brand noticed on Instagram if you haven’t previously.

Instagram Reel Creation Guide

Getting to make Reels is where the real fun begins. There are a number of approaches to generating Instagram Reels, but the first and most important thing to do is to sketch out an outline (or “storyboard concept”) before you start shooting.

A storyboard is a visual tool used for plotting a film or other form of storytelling. You can see exactly how your video’s text overlays, transitions, and footage will appear in each individual frame. By having this strategy in place, you may cut down on the amount of time spent recording while still producing high-quality reels.
Now that you’re all set up, there are several methods to capture your Instagram Reel:

The Reels section

The Instagram app’s main screen

The camera in Instagram Stories

First, The Reels Menu as an Alternative

Select the Instagram Reel icon from the home screen’s centre. To access the camera, navigate to the Reels section and then click the corresponding button.

Second, the Instagram app’s home screen

Tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the home screen to start a new Reel. The photos and videos on your camera roll will appear. In the lower right corner, you will notice the tabs Post, Story, Reel, and Live. Roll the Reel!

Third, you may use Instagram’s Stories camera

The final option is to use a story from your Instagram account. Reel appears at the Instagram Story’s bottom. To access the creation mode, select this button.

You may post photos and videos from your device’s camera roll by tapping the “+” button in Instagram’s upper left corner if you’ve generated them elsewhere.

If you’re not quite ready to start filming your material on Instagram just yet, here’s a simple, step-by-step tutorial to making an Instagram Reel.

How to Make an Instagram Highlight Reel in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Start by pressing and holding the record button when in the Instagram Reels page; the timer and countdown features allow for hands-free filming.

Step 2: select the speed range in which you would want to record your video from the menu on the left. The video speed may also be adjusted by you (it starts at 1x).Intensity multipliers of 3, 2, 3, and 4 are possible.

Step 3: Select music for your film from a wide variety of sources, including your stored collection or new tracks.

Step 4: Involves recording many short segments for your videos and then splicing them together to make a longer one.

Step 5: To access Effects, click the three stacked stars to the right of the record button. This will open a menu with hundreds of available effects for your Reel.

Step 6: Click the Next button once filming is complete in . You may now modify your video clips. Select “Edit clips” to quickly cut, rearrange, or add new clips. Press the minus sign after pressing and holding the clip you want to remove.

Step 7: Approve the final draught before releasing it to the public. Before broadcasting your Reel to the world, you may see a preview of it by clicking the Preview button. To proceed with adding a caption, previewing the feed, and sharing it, click the Next button.

Instagram Reels, in what sense, are bonuses?

It seems sense that Instagram would provide a “bonuses” system where creators may earn money from their Reels given that Instagram Reels have far more advertising opportunities than TikTok.

Providing users with incentives has been shown to increase app usage, and this is especially true for Gen Z producers seeking different revenue sources.

There’s been no better moment to jump on the Reel bandwagon and share your work with the world. You may even earn money doing this.