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You do know that Instagram does not let us to insert a link in a caption, correct? That’s why we compiled this comprehensive tutorial covering eight additional Instagram strategies for increasing website traffic.

The Instagram shopping capabilities can boost website visitors

Instagram stories and posts that allowed users to shop items have been removed. Shoppable posts are common on the accounts of fashion and cosmetics companies. Instagram has its own unique characteristics, but in general, these will help any online store.

Using shopping posts, buyers can learn everything they need to know about a product with a single tap. That being said, there is no need to inquire about costs in the comments, and in the United States, app users can even check in without leaving the app.

Individuals who don’t have access to this feature will have a greater incentive to visit your site in order to check in and place an order. Instagram allows up to five goods to be tagged in a single shopping post, and up to twenty in a carousel.

Shoppable Stories provide another dimension to the already powerful tool that is shoppable articles. It’s as simple as affixing a sticker on the product with a link to the website, and the resulting traffic will do the rest.

If your site is localised, you may include product tags written in many languages

But, Instagram buying is only available to Business accounts in 46 countries, so if your country isn’t on the list, you won’t be able to tag your items in posts and Stories without resorting to a virtual private network (VPN).

Setup is easy, and we’ve written about it before.

Include calls to action in your captions and bio to boost website traffic

There’s a reason why social media managers often put a call to action in the caption. Use a call-to-action (CTA) to inform and motivate your audience to do the desired action and increase conversions. Captions that only describe the product without encouraging readers to purchase or at least learn more are likely to be disregarded as merely informative by your audience, rather than as an attempt to sell them on the goods.

Don’t just casually let folks know about what you’re trying to promote in your captions; instead, utilise CTAs to pique their attention.

Include a call to action in your bio if you like. Add a call to action (to read, register, purchase, etc.) just above your link to encourage visitors to visit your website.

Stories Highlights is a great way to attract more viewers to your website

The Highlights feature on Instagram is a terrific method to extend the life of a Story beyond the standard 24-hour period, resulting in additional views.

If you’re going to fill up all of Highlights’ space, you may as well make use of it by include something of use to your consumers and financial value to you.

Products, services, delivery options, payment accepted, location, pricing, and other relevant information can all be highlighted. Get traffic to your website by pinning a link directly in these Highlights if you have 10,000 or more followers.

Still, don’t overlook revising the Highlights. Otherwise, your conversion rates will suffer since your new followers will get irrelevant content.

Promote your site to get more visitors

Instagram page growth may be fostered either through organic means or by automated promotion. It’s still ridiculous to argue that sponsored advertisements have made major account growth feasible.

Including a link to your website in an Instagram ad is a practical strategy to increase clicks. If your targeted advertisements are properly configured, your sales income will surpass your advertising expenditures.

If you take the time to precisely describe your intended audience and those who are most like them, you will have no trouble hitting your mark.

The use of influential people is a surefire way to boost website visits

The followers of popular Instagram users are highly likely to take the advice of such users and make purchases based on those suggestions. Whether it’s a blogger with a million or a nano-influencer with 2,000, if the audience is engaged, you will undoubtedly raise sales or, at the very least, brand recognition.

It’s not just any old blogger who writes glowing reviews about your goods who may be considered an influencer. In this scenario, sales are guaranteed to skyrocket.

You must ensure two things happen for this to occur:

You and your target audience have common ground with the influencer.
There are no bots among the influencer’s legion of devoted followers.

UGC is an effective method of boosting website visits

Anything may be sold using user-generated content. That’s a psychological reflex we all share. When consumers perceive that other consumers have had positive experiences with a product, and that these consumers feel compelled to share their own positive experiences with the product, we infer that this product is also worthwhile.

Listen in on what people are saying about your items on social media and provide them incentives to talk about your brand. To encourage people to share content featuring your product online and tag you in it, you may, for instance, provide a discount. Maybe some of them may end up representing your company in the future.

Keep in mind that you can’t purchase someone’s recommendation, however you may show your appreciation after the fact.

Positive reviews that spread organically on Instagram are a powerful kind of social proof that can sway an audience to purchase a product.
Apparel company River Island encourages user-generated content on Instagram by regularly showcasing real consumers. In addition, they have a call to action in their profile that instructs customers to use a brand hashtag when uploading images of themselves wearing River Island products.