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Picture the following scenario:

You’ve created an Instagram business account and have been pouring resources into growing your following. After a while, you realise that you’ve moved past the point of no return: your page now has interesting and trendy content, a respectable number of followers, and intriguing connections to mainstream influencers.

Yet, it’s possible that this joy won’t last forever. The Instagram account goes crazy at some point and blocks you for no apparent reason. And the worst part is that you have no idea why you were banned in the first place. Unfortunately, Instagram does not inform users before temporarily suspending their accounts.

Is there any way to find out why someone has blocked you on Instagram?

The first is an effort to quickly amass a large fan base.

A temporary Instagram block is most noticeable when you’re trying to rapidly increase your account’s popularity by gaining a large number of new followers and/or likes. This can happen if you have used automated or manual promotion methods without taking the client profiles into account.

Take out your phone and review the list of spammers who have been following you for the past week. As the leading Gurgaon digital marketing agency, we can guarantee that eighty percent of those records will be quarantined immediately. The most likely cause of this is that they reached the maximum number of followers or likes allowed.

Indicative of Instagram’s rules and regulations:

  • Sixty likes per hour is the cap.
  • In a given hour, there can be no more than sixty comments.
  • Sixty followers per hour is the maximum allowed.
  • Within an hour, no more than 60 messages can be sent.

Nonetheless, if your account is relatively new, you’ll have different constraints:

  • The most likes in an hour is 30.
  • Only 30 comments are allowed per hour.
  • Limit of 30 follows or unfollows per hour.

As a helpful hint, Instagram keeps track of your total number of follows, unfollows, comments, and blocked users. There is a daily limit of 1440 operations that can be performed on your account. To that end, make sure the same is distributed evenly.

Any user who violates Instagram’s terms of service will be temporarily suspended from the app. The profile’s capabilities are restricted by the software. User comments, likes, follows, and DMs are disabled for 2 days.

Second, there are too many publications too often.

Instagram keeps tabs on all of your publication algorithms from one convenient location. When it comes to the optimal and most secure frequency of posts, only the social network itself has that information. This means you should avoid accounts that post multiple times per day but offer little in the way of value.

Maintaining some distance between the posts is recommended. Because of this, no one will suspect your account of being used for spam or other malicious purposes. Don’t share the same photo on multiple profiles at once. If you want your post to be seen by millions of people, you can also use a social media template.

Copyright Violations, Reason No. 3

Instagram is very concerned with the issue of copyright. All images included in your report must belong to you or be used with permission from the writer. Tag the original photographer (if he has an Instagram account) and give credit in the caption if you’re sharing someone else’s photo.

You must obtain the author’s permission before using any photograph for commercial purposes.

If you want to use an image for commercial purposes, you need to get the author’s permission first. Furthermore, Instagram will immediately remove your post if it contains music to which you do not have the rights. Plus, Instagram will undoubtedly remove a video to which you do not own the rights if it contains music to which you do not have the rights.

Do you know what happens when copyright laws are broken? If the photographer files a complaint with Instagram about your use of their work without permission or attribution, Instagram may block your account for violating their copyright.

Factor No. 4: Visuals Disobeying Policies on Social Networks

Nude or sexually explicit content, as well as violent media, are not acceptable. Therefore, posting such content can get you banned from this app regardless of your motivations. When possible, it’s preferable to have advance notice.

Users’ feedback is the fifth most common cause for change.

If someone ‘Reports’ your account, Instagram may disable it. A profile can be permanently suspended if it receives a high number of Reports. There are a wide variety of reasons why your followers might file a complaint, including insults, inappropriate content, spam, and so on.

The sixth justification is that each device and IP address is unique.

Instagram is less likely to block a profile if the user accesses it from multiple devices and confirms their identity via SMS. However, Instagram may suspect your account has been compromised if it detects unusual activity, such as logins from multiple devices or IP addresses. Because of the threat posed by this user, the social network platform acts swiftly to remove their profile.

Because of the epidemic, businesses have no choice but to consider their digital marketing strategies. As a result, Instagram is playing a crucial role in facilitating communication between brands and their intended demographics.

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If someone ‘Reports’ your account, Instagram may disable it.