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The use of email marketing is one of the successful methods used by businesses today that is not going away anytime soon. In fact, email is the primary method of communication for 64 percent of small firms. For one, email allows you to avoid the threat of having your audience destroyed by algorithms. In its place, you may have faith that each and every email you write will be received by its intended recipient.

Once you’ve decided to invest in email advertising, the next step is to find out how to increase your subscriber base using social media. In spite of the algorithms, it’s still a fantastic advertising medium.

Methods for Expanding Your Email List Using Social Media

With the aid of these seven guidelines, you may attract more loyal followers who will like reading your posts.

First, verify that you’re referring to your emailing list.

A lot of company owners, unfortunately, are uncomfortable talking about their own products and services. Nevertheless, that is not how things should be! As a group, we should take great pride in our accomplishments and be eager to brag about them to others. Both the freebie and the newsletter that you send out to your email list count as part of this.

Get the word out that your list is one that people should sign up for. Justify the value of your offer by explaining what they’ll get in return for their information. Then, you may encourage them to stay with you by foreshadowing the content they can anticipate to see in your email (whether you send it out weekly, monthly, etc.). If you regularly use a scheduling service, don’t forget to include promotional content for your email list the next time you fill up the queue.

Share Promotional Pins for Your Freebie

As soon as you begin promoting your list, you may want to make it the centrepiece of your social media profiles by pinning related promotional pieces. Facebook is fantastic for this, as are tweets that are pinned to the top of their feeds on Twitter. Your pinned post will always be visible to visitors to your profile, making it a simple and effective means of attracting new email subscribers through social media. Exposure to a wider audience increases the possibility of new subscribers.

Make an Instagram Story highlight specifically for advertising your email list for a little of added fun. Tell them about the freebie they’ll receive after signing up, and describe the stuff they may anticipate to receive in the future. So, anytime anyone visits your profile, it will be shown with your other highlights.

Third, Use Video Ads Creatively

Take use of Instagram Reels to get more followers and spread your content. Although not many people are using social media in this way, you can utilise it to rapidly expand your email list in a fun and unique way. Promo videos highlighting the advantages of joining your mailing list. Provide them something of such great value that they can’t resist signing up. Be sure to add a caption and a call to action in your Reel. Finally, include the URL in your bio so that people may easily find it.

Boost Your Visibility by Using Paid Advertising

Use portion of your advertising money into promoting your email list. Be sure you’re advertising on a site where your target demographic can be easily accessed, though. If you don’t do this, you won’t gain any ground. All it takes is the appropriate incentive and exposure to the right people.

Have a contest that necessitates entering an email address.

Hosting a giveaway is a good approach to increase the size of your email list through social media. Then, you might make signing up for an email list the primary entry requirement. The key to this strategy’s success is providing a freebie that your demographic will value. In this way, you may increase the likelihood of attracting customers who will remain loyal over the long term. One of your products or services may solve a major problem for your target market.

Whilst some people may stop receiving your emails once a winner is announced for a promotion, this is by no means guaranteed. Certainly that’s acceptable. Individuals that are interested in your freebie and your future content offerings will likely want to continue receiving your updates.

Participate in a Network that Encourages Advertising

Self-promotion has become so commonplace in today’s online groups that it may overwhelm the conversation. You can still get your latest creations out there, though. Locate relevant Facebook communities where you may advertise your mailing list and products. In order to keep the group from becoming too chaotic, several have designated days and threads for just these kinds of posts. Take advantage of the following that someone else has established for themselves by contributing and sharing your own links when appropriate.

Inspire subscribers to spread the word once they’ve joined your list

Love for the content received increases the likelihood that it will be shared. Let’s imagine you’ve made a fantastic PDF that your subscribers can get after signing up for your list. Including a call to action and a pre-written piece on the last page to encourage people to spread the word about your email list and the freebie it offers. There’s no need to spend extra time advertising thanks to this method of dissemination.