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Need more likes and followers on Instagram? With these 10 simple guidelines, the Design Twins show you how to replicate their Instagram success.

Insta-Fame: What Can I Do to Get More Followers?

This is a really important inquiry. One with a similarly big explanation. It’s hardly rocket science to amass a large Instagram following, but it does need consistent effort over time. If you’re going to put in the effort, it makes sense to make sure it’s worthwhile. You want the result of your efforts to be positive. Yes, that’s right, we get it. This is why we like teaching others about Instagram so much. Follow these tried-and-true tips to make Instagram work for you.

Give Your Account a Title

Give your account a name that expresses who you are and what you hope to accomplish. It should make it clear to others that you desire to be followed, are open to being followed, and belong to a certain group. It’s possible that a more personal or random handle wouldn’t draw as many fans.

Create a Captivating Biography

In your bio, you should let potential followers know what they can anticipate from you. For your devotee, what plans do you have? The explanation must be on your profile. While it’s true that your bio is mostly about you, the value you provide to your followers is what really matters. Think this out to make sure it accurately portrays your personality and interests. The other day I was re

ading a bio and it said, “Married.” Hmmmm. Ok. Exactly why should I? I wasn’t positive, so I decided against it.

Figure Out Your Voice/Content/Identity

We need some quiet reflection. You should have a solid sense of your specialty now that you have your name, photo, and bio all set up. The next step is to figure out how these aspirations will be communicated. Along our Instagram journeys, many of us have discovered who we are and what we like. The sooner you get this straight in your head, broadcast it loud and clear on your feed, and portray a unified persona, the sooner you will achieve your goals. People are more likely to follow if they have some idea of what lies ahead. Beware of losing followers if you decide to surprise them along the route.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers?

Not allowed to “post and run.” So, you can, but development won’t be particularly rapid. There will always be days where we just don’t have the time. The investment of time, though, is crucial. You need to respond to each and every remark. Attempt is the operative word there. You should invest in other people in addition to tending to your own feed.

Every day and every week, I spend a significant amount of time assisting other accounts and discovering new accounts to investigate and follow.

Make up your own hashtags to attract more attention on Instagram

Developing a sizable following on Instagram amounts to building a name for yourself. Create a memorable brand name and spread the word about it. Making and using a branded hashtag might help spread the word about your company. Typically, this would be your account’s username. Jodie and I have decided to use the hashtag #thedesigntwins for our brand. Our company and blog go under this name. Inspire your audience to join your hashtag’s following. As a result, Instagram will have twice as many opportunities to expose your posts to your followers.

Prioritise Excellence above Quantity

Every update has the potential to either harm or improve your feed. Don’t ever publish something subpar just because you feel pressured to. There are a few things you may do if you feel like you have nothing fresh to share:

Share a post from last year’s feed that fits the holiday theme.
Highlight an individual who holds special meaning to you. Make careful to properly attribute their work and include relevant tags. Please don’t change anything about their photo. You might send them a direct message asking for permission to feature them.

Three Ways to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Few people go out with the intention of becoming professional photographers. Therefore, developing your skills is essential. If you’re into interior design as my wife and I are, then you should check out some publications or catalogues to see how the experts shoot vignettes and rooms. Repeated practise is essential.

Increase your Instagram following by following more people

It’s a good idea to model your actions after those of successful locals who are already accomplishing your goals. Observe and mimic their actions. Make contact with them. Inquire, compliment, and be courteous to others.

Do not follow and unfollow accounts. This is the pinnacle of bad manners. This kind of behaviour is also considered spam by Instagram. Both Instagram and marketers will see your engagement and authenticity as lower as a result of this behaviour.

Be Real to Expand Your Instagram Audience

While I encourage you to take cues from others that inspire you, remember that you’re your own best stylistic advocate. If your contributions are genuine and reflect who you are as an individual, they will do better. You’re in a league of your own.

Savour the Ride

If you want to increase your Instagram followers. Here, though, is the last and most crucial piece of advise I can provide. Soak up the experience.

Instagram is meant to be a visual journal, not a means to an end. It’s about developing as a person and making connections with new acquaintances. People will be drawn to your infectious happiness if you simply enjoy the ride and show it in every post, chat, and engagement. Do what makes you happy, laugh a lot, and be genuine.