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Exactly what Do Facebook Ads Reveal?

Here are a few of the most salient features that we found in the Facebook videos we studied.

The adage “less is more”

Marketers now face unprecedented levels of competition as a result of the proliferation of available video content. Customers can now ignore an ad if they don’t find it to be interesting or relevant to their needs. As a result, fewer Facebook users are spending as much time on ad content. Because of this shift, companies are opting for shorter videos in an effort to capture viewers’ attention.

Of course, brands that want to tell a story in a 15- or 30-second ad have a tough time doing so. Since the focus is on the viewer’s emotional response, it’s crucial that the material presented in this format evoke strong feelings. Make sure there is a condensed version of your ad if you must make a lengthy one.

The rise of mobile-centric marketing

The majority of Facebook users access the platform from their mobile devices, so advertisers need to optimise their campaigns for mobile. Putting out videos in portrait mode is a surefire method of doing so. Marketers can use the vertical format to their advantage by featuring more interesting content while reducing the number of competing elements on the screen. Over 85% of Facebook video views occur with the sound muted, so it’s important that your ad can be understood even without it. If you need assistance conveying your message without using sound, hiring a transcriptionist is one option.

Since Facebook has placed such an emphasis on uniqueness, it’s crucial to make posts that are tailored to the social media site. Since Facebook will now restrict the reach of duplicate or plagiarised content, your Facebook video ad will not perform as well as it could if it were entirely unique. Therefore, in order to achieve optimum success on Facebook, you must constantly produce new content tailored to your specific audience. More time and money will be put in, as well as additional staff, but the results will be well worth it. Thankfully, online resources like Bunny Studio make it simpler for brands to network with experts in their fields.

Use your imagination.

The Shein commercial is a good example of how cinemagraphs can be used to accomplish marketing goals like raising brand recognition and consumer trust. These ads combine video and photography to create a continuous loop of motion within a static background. This is so visually appealing, viewers may mistake it for animation.

User-created media

Word of mouth is still powerful, even in the information age. In recent years, consumers have shown a greater preference for content created by “average” people over official brand content. This demonstrates the value of incorporating user-generated content to build credibility with your target market. People are more likely to engage with this kind of content because it feels genuine. When it comes to advertising, people aren’t as receptive as they once were to aggressive approaches. Rather, they prefer to work with brands with which they have developed an emotional connection, and the best way to do so is through transparent storytelling.

Try to be adaptable

Your company’s current marketing strategy may not be cutting edge in a year. More specifically, the methods that bring you marketing success today may not always lead you to the same levels of success tomorrow. Thus, adaptability is crucial to the continued success of your Facebook video ad campaign. Never stop gauging how well the content is doing. Change course if you find that your current approach is failing.

Provide useful content for your audience.

Facebook’s algorithm heavily weighs factors like user intent and the frequency with which content is viewed. If people engage with your ad instead of skipping it, more people will see it. Simple math shows that organic search performance improves in proportion of your ad’s audience. For this reason, it is crucial to win your audience’s trust.

Excited to Roll Out Video Ads on Facebook?

Inspiration can be the key to unlocking your full potential. If your current Facebook ads aren’t producing results, we hope the examples we provided gave you some inspiration for new ones. Contact Bunny Studio for your next marketing project if you want it to have a polished look and feel.