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Marketers were concerned when Instagram made changes to how posts appeared in users’ feeds. A Facebook-like algorithm that considers several social signals, such as engagement and prior likes, to estimate “relevancy” of postings would replace the current chronological order.

While the change has been met with mixed reactions, it’s undeniable that marketers will need to adapt to the new algorithm(Open Link in new window). To make the most of the updated algorithm, you’ll want to share only material that regularly receives plenty of likes, comments, and shares.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is the first step in spotting this kind of material. Who are they, exactly? Why do you think that is? Why do they not like this? What do they want out of life, and how do they live? What about individual tastes in material? To fully determine what material will garner likes and comments, you’ll need to answer all of these questions.

Considering the utility of your Instagram posts is the next stage in strategy development. Pictures that are pleasing to the eye are great, but they also need to make the viewer feel something and be useful. Let’s take a look at some outstanding case studies of successful Instagram strategies.

Inspire Others

Inspiring others is something that many people enjoy doing. All achievements and innovations owe a great deal to inspiration. Foundr, an online publication, is aware of this.

Young business leaders and innovators are Foundr’s target demographic. Of course Foundr aims to encourage its readers to keep coming once they’ve read a few success stories, interviews, and amazing quotations on the subject.

This tactic has been quite successful for the magazine. They are widely regarded as the go-to experts in Instagram promotion. Nearly 700,000 of their followers attest to the fact that Foundr “gets” them.

One lesson that may be learned from Foundr is the importance of always ending shared content with a call to action. The phrase can be as brief as “double tap if you agree,” “tag your friends,” or “let us know what you think.” This direct approach to asking for participation has been shown to have a significant impact on participation rates.

Develop Stunning Images

Instagram is one of the few really visual social media platforms available today. It goes without saying that the quality of your visuals must be high. Even if mobile devices dominate the platform, dim or blurry photos just won’t do.

Check out National Geographic(Open Link in new window), a pro at blending stunning photography with moving narratives.
You may not have a crew of hundreds of National Geographic photographers, but with little effort, you can craft a stunning visual narrative for your brand, too.

Phoneography (photography with a smartphone) has made incredible strides in recent years as a result of technology developments. With the use of photo editing applications and smartphone lenses, people are able to make stunning photographs using only their cellphones. Even if you aren’t a natural phone photographer, you can make stunning images on a computer and transfer them to your mobile device for use on Instagram.

Create “snackable” content

Warning: If you haven’t had lunch yet, you should probably skip this part. If you still end yourself drooling all over your keyboard, you can’t blame the writer.

Instagram gives you just a few seconds to make an impression. Your viewers will only look at the picture and the description once. In this light, it’s essential that your material be both “bite-sized” and entertaining.

Any store could simply take a picture of their goods, superimpose a huge “SALE” sign over the top, and publish the resulting image to their feed. Whole Foods Market, however, has discovered a method to make its photo collection aesthetically and contextually quite engaging. They combine appetising visuals with simple, doable instructions for creating delicious meals (because who doesn’t love that?).

Make It Feel Like It’s Happening Right Now

Instagram gives the impression of being right there with a content producer at that same time. While images of breathtaking sunsets and stylish footwear can transport viewers, they may not be the best choice for professional enterprises. However, sneak peeks, everyday scenes, and behind-the-scenes action tend to work well.

In this regard, one of the most famous marketers, Gary Vaynerchuk(Open Link in new window), is an expert. Gary Vee gives his fans and followers a glimpse into his life every day, and at times, the details are quite personal. If a multimillionaire and a major player in the field can make his updates more personable and casual, so can you.

Participate in Narratives

Although photos are Instagram’s primary focus, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of well-written captions. In many cases, the inclusion of well-written captions will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your visual narrative.Consider the website Humans of New York (Opens in new window). Pictures of ordinary people, rather than famous individuals, often become viral because the captions reveal compelling stories. I’m not trying to minimise the artistry or impact of these pictures by saying that the stories behind each one aren’t important, but I do think that they are.
When it comes to getting people to interact with your content on Instagram, these are some of the greatest methods. With the release of Instagram’s newest algorithm, it’s time to put extra effort into creating a memorable brand experience for followers.