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Mobile social networking applications have become the meeting place for today’s youth outside of the confines of their homes and schools. Among today’s youth, there is a heightened fascination with mobile apps and social media platforms. Ninety-two percent of 13- to 17-year-olds report daily Internet use, with 24 percent saying they are online “almost constantly.”

Young people nowadays use social media mobile applications as a means of communication, entertainment, information sharing, and creation of original short movies and other visual content. There are already a large variety of social media smartphone apps aimed specifically for children since an estimated 170,000 youngsters go online at least once daily.

Many young people spend considerable amounts of time on social media sites since they are an integral part of many youngsters’ everyday lives. There are a number of social networking smartphone apps designed for children that your kid may use to start conversing, uploading, and sharing material if you don’t think he or she is ready for more mature platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

As more and more kid-friendly social networks become available on mobile devices, a number of apps have quickly risen to prominence. In the end, these social networks provide youngsters a more secure place to interact with their peers and share their thoughts and ideas. Here, we’ll take a look at the top five safe and reliable social networking platforms for kids under 13.

What Characteristics Do Kid-Friendly Social Media Have?

You should weigh the benefits and risks of your child’s social media exposure just like you would with any other modern invention. The greatest way to introduce your child to the benefits of social media, such as improved communication and a sense of community, is through applications designed specifically for children.

Some key components of a kid-friendly online space include the following:

Includes kid-friendly competitions and games.
Needs a parent’s approval and authentication before use.
doesn’t record private data like where you’ve been
Restricts media sharing to approved contacts only.
uses human moderators to oversee all user-generated material

The Top Kids’ Social Media Apps

Here, we’ll take a look at the top five safe and reliable social networking platforms for kids under 13.

At all times, Goobit
Young people may use this smartphone app to share images and status updates, as well as comment on and review content from their own communities and those of their friends. Everloop follows all COPPA regulations, so your child’s online safety and privacy are guaranteed.

The new app is the mobile version of the Everloop website and has the network’s most talked-about feature, “goobs.” It’s shorthand for pranks that kids pull, like spreading a bug on someone’s screen or unrolling a roll of toilet paper.

In a world where children grow up too fast, Everloop fills the void by creating a really childlike ambience. The software will shield kids from inappropriate content on social media sites. As a result, the child will be able to hone his or her interpersonal skills at a crucial juncture in life, before he or she has developed an adequate appreciation for the potential negative effects of engaging in virtual activities.

The moderator team keeps an eye on the kids to make sure they aren’t posting anything improper or using harsh language or making fun of them other. The youngster will be told why his or her comment was deleted.

Additionally, Everloop: Goobit is quite similar to Instagram, however it is designed specifically with children in mind. Since this app is designed just for kids, they will be able to find others who can relate to what they are going through. You might be wondering though, how does this app compare to others like Instagram?

In general, you can only share material on Instagram in one of three ways: with the whole Instagram community, with just the individuals you’ve added to your Close Friends list, or with no one at all. Children using Goobit can select the communities or loops they want to share with.

As more entrepreneurs and organisations discover Instagram as a marketing tool, the platform’s commercial content has increased. To further their influence, they resort to using the top service for purchasing Instagram likes. However, advertising is less prevalent on social networking sites like Everloop: Goobit since most firms do not specifically target youngsters.


Most children and teenagers spend a significant amount of time each day on social networking sites and mobile applications. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have several child-friendly alternatives that offer the same functionality without compromising users’ personal information or safety online. Everloop: Goobit, PopJam, ChatFOSS, TikTok, and Edmondo are the most well-liked and safest social networking smartphone applications for kids and teens under the age of 13. These sites provide a place for young people to interact socially, establish profiles, share images and videos, conduct surveys and vote on topics of interest, and play games.