Medical Marijuana Doctor: Doctor of Medical Marijuana

A medical marijuana doctor, like the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, has been in the lime-light of government contempt since 1968, when he published his study of marijuana in the journal called “Science”.

At the time Dr. Weil was convinced marijuana would be legal everywhere within 5 years.

After missing his guess 42 years ago, he is still sure this herb should be more legal than over the counter drugs, as it has caused no deaths, and store drugs have caused many.Well, make no mistake, the government is not one bit compassionate toward the sick and struggling populations.

The government has acted irrationally and the leaders have let their selfish past and present motives show clearly, that they don’t care about right or wrong, they only care about the fact that they are in charge – and like any dictatorship – what they want is what we get.Obama is not a medical marijuana doctor – or any kind of doctor.

Obama’s health care plan is not for the children – or for anyone else – especially the elderly folks. What is intended is far less than right, as we will soon find out. Just like the former leaders of 1913, that pulled off their Federal Reserve heist, and the leaders of 1937, pulled off the prohibition of marijuana and hemp – current leaders, regardless of the name of their so-called party, will pull off their national health care laws.

The majority of America is so busy entertaining themselves, they haven’t time to notice what is going on.

If Congress didn’t read the health care bill, before they signed it, how many Americans have read it? The whole government system is so irrational it simply reminds one of the fairy tales of Alice and Oz.

Obama’s health care bill is not about giving you anything. Its about obligating you to give – about taking from you – about pledging yourself to the government so they can dispose of you easily, so you can’t back out.

This program is a disaster waiting to take place – and it is only months until it goes into effect.

The main purpose of this national health care bill is to force everyone to deal with conventional doctors and medicine – and force all the natural resources out of existence.

That’s right, all our health-food stores, organic growers of meat and produce, medical marijuana doctors, News Letters and dispensary’s, herb growers and stores, essential oils, food supplements of all kinds, natural oils and foods, and all other good health resources.

The government passed laws to pasteurize milk, back in the early 1950’s, robbing all our milk products of their nutrition.

More recently, our food has become loaded with additives only an expert could detect – aspartame, sugar, corn syrups, and chemicals to change the flavor and cover the poor quality.

The government has passed a law to irradiate fruits and vegetables as well as meats and poultry – robbing our food of its nutrition.

They have allowed the marketing of microwave ovens for 35 years that also rob the food of its nutrition.

They have created new regulations in favor of corporations owning genetically engineered seed, bringing mandatory seed purchases upon farmers – forcing them to plant crops that are undesirable and lacking in nutrition.

They have been behind the hybrid seed industry, deliberately fazing out all the old tried and true strains of plants.

This government has been Moving Behind the Curtain in ways that have not been in the best interests of the population – rather than promoting life, they have been promoting malnutrition and a sickly society.

People are forced to use life threatening commercial medicine – with savage side effects, just like we are forced to use petrochemical goods for the last 74 years instead of hemp products that are non toxic and environmentally friendly.


Petrochemicals have been the government’s darling for 74 years, destroying the health and environment of the people.

The health care bill will probably affect many professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncture, pain clinics, medical marijuana doctors, and any others that do not cater to the AMA training and pledging to follow their rules and guidelines.

This horrific care bill will have the people of America in tears of regret within a week after it starts mandatory vaccinations.

These may be the end for people over 60 and people that are not in good health.

The government knows vaccinations do not prevent disease. They know mercury is used in them that kill people. They know all about pleomorphism and the way they have kept this knowledge from the public. It has been documented since the 1800’s.

Just because the government has kept it classified, does not change the facts – and the fact is, vaccinations have one purpose in America – that is to fool the people into taking them, willingly – – –

Science (the truthful kind) has proved the germ theory invalid. The government has known it for 150 years. This untrue theory has been kept alive and in popular belief because it has been too profitable to allow the truth to be known.

All the big medical corporations thrive on the old germ theory, and without it, they would have to reorganize everything, because unless the whole truth was allowed, nothing would make any sense. Mixing the truth with the germ theory would not work.

What would a medical marijuana doctor say about Obama’s health care? The few that understand it are against it, but like most all of the public, doctors are busy people, and few have taken the time to read this plan.

But medical marijuana doctors know the difference between conventional medicine and the real thing.

Most of them know how irrational the government is and realize how they have joined up with the United Nations – the headquarters for the New World Order.

They understand how desperate the leaders must be to silence the people that would inform the rest of the people – of the danger behind the health care bill. The medical marijuana doctors are a real hot button in the world today. Can you believe Congress would pass bills this serious without reading them – it’s not a first – they do it all the time.

Medical marijuana doctors are a target as well as many other professionals – and about a third of the American people are pot users.

This is not just a trivial issue – it is probably the most important issue since marijuana was outlawed. And the general public pays almost no attention to it, like good trained sheeple, being entertained is all they live for.

The American stage is preparing for a dramatic act – perhaps its last and final act.

America has lasted 334 years since the Constitution was drafted, even-though it wasn’t drafted for we the people like we have always been taught – and marijuana is still around even if it’s illegal – will the world leaders pull off the final act in their favor?

Or will the whistle-blowing medical marijuana doctors and about one hundred million wild marijuana growers and users take over the stage and free themselves and America? Maybe a few of the lost sheeple will sense the danger and pitch in and help!

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