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Why Your Donation is NeededDonation Plea for Medical Marijuana HutThis site is about information about medical marijuana, cannabis, hemp, and all the political and controversial things surrounding them. The main purpose of this information is to start people to thinking about things they have probably never had a reason to think about before.

Contributing through a donation – is how this site has raised funds to keep it current and adding issues as they develop.

The column to the right is for the most resent news that has an effect on cannabis/Medical Marijuana and you! It will change from time to time as the news develops – so stay tuned!
Everything I learned about websites before building this one taught me that traffic equals dollars – and everyone needs dollars in today’s RAT-RACE!

So I tried Google ads, and discovered that what I learned is not necessarily so… Google ads sometimes have a way of conflicting with what a site is about – they did in my case – so Google ads would do more harm than good.

That’s right, after putting so much time building the true history of cannabis – I couldn’t tarnish it’s reputation just for a chance at a little money from GOOGLE – money is nice but not when it costs too much to get it.

Now I have revised the site so you can come for a daily dose of cannabis inspiration. I didn’t intend to use a donation plea to help pay for my expense, but when nothing else works, I guess its worth a try.The dollar may become worthless in the near future – but a new system will follow this one – surviving that time in between will be a challenge for everyone.

Learning to think about things, learning to train your mind to evaluate things quickly, may be a benefit to have already been thought through – BEFORE you need to respond. People that are THINKERS are not the usual run of the mill. The information about cannabis is important and serious information that could save millions of lives, if legalized. The world needs this plant very badly.

Times are changing so fast, the need for knowledge among a populations so lacking. We have had generations of government education – and a lifetime of such easy living. We are probably the most passive, ignorant people that ever occupied the space on this planet. All due to the fact that we have been trained and deceived since 1937 – to be loyal to a fairy tail government.

We don’t believe anything can change our life style – it has been so consistent for so long. But nothing is forever – and this easy life style is likely to end, like all things.

Things will soon demand knowledge, if one is to survive.

Please learn the history, I have spent so many hours researching, and continue searching on your own. Knowing the WHOLE history of our world, of cannabis, and of America, may help you make better decisions, more than you realize. Thank you for being a visitorof this site and helping me share this information with the people that need it most! I appreciate your visits and hope you have gained some inspiration from some of my pages.Please stay with me through the times ahead. Your comments, suggestions and contributions to this site are deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

Paulie Bygone
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All material published on this website is for information only and is
NOT substitute for specific advice. Click here to see our full DISCLAIMER…SBI!We Must Not Try to Elect Our Ed Rosenthal For President Because –
If we do, we will be throwing all the votes of everyone else in the wrong direction. It will defeat our purpose – badly.

We only have 2 people on our side, that are running for President in 2012, and of course, they are Ed Rosenthal, and Ron Paul.

Among ourselves, Ed is the one that understands our views best, but he is an unknown as far as the rest of America goes. Voters simply don’t respond well enough to unknown’s.

Ron Paul ran in 08, and the media wouldn’t even recognize him. It is so obvious, they (the insiders) intend to put someone in office that is NO GOOD for the common people – they do it every time.

Let’s turn the table on the insiders, and throw our marijuana weight in favor of the real American, Ron Paul – and help him overcome the media bias that stopped him last time.

He has the best chance to win for us, far better than Ed can, or anyone else. He is surely the best candidate for America and surely the best for marijuana too. Anyone that doesn’t check him out, and give him support, is asleep.

If we allow another MISTAKE in the Presidency, it isn’t just the end of marijuana, its likely to be the end of America in general.

This election MUST be a wake up call, for all REAL Americans – there very will may be NO overs – in fact we will be very LUCKY if Obama doesn’t holler, Martial Law before the next term gets to take place.

The public will not vote strongly for anyone but a Republican, or a Democrat – and Ron Paul is a Republican by party – but by heart, he is much like our Ed Rosenthal – He is an American first and foremost. Why do you think he refused to run as an independent last time?

You must follow your heart, but if you care about your future and the future of everyone else, you had best follow some wisdom and do your homework carefully.

Nominate Ron Paul for President, and support him all the way!
Many Judges Refuse to Punish Crimes Against Humanity

Learn about the Family Council on Drug Awareness (FCDA) Report, which has unbeatable cases against the European Court of Human Rights judges that refuse to answer crimes against humanity.

This Report has been covered up since 1994 – and must be exposed, charging these ECHR judges with conspiracy to Murder.
Google: Family Council on Drug Awareness Report

Learn about how the government has REFUSED to introduce and execute cannabis biomass, which is the ONLY solution for solving global warming, sickness, poverty, food, and water shortages,

The reason is obvious. It’s illegal and the government intends for it to stay that way.

This is positive proof, the POWER Behind the Curtain has everything all planned out, and the last few years are part of that plan.Even to save the world from global warming, all the government administrations since 1937, have refused to even consider medical cannabis legalization, or HEMP farming.
Click here now to get the whole scoop!

This 17-year old report has only been circulated by a book publisher – with the majority of all the world media being heavily suppressed – the world’s public never hearing of it – click to read >>Cannabis is a non-toxic herb – this means it should not be under the Misuse of Drugs Act anywhere on earth. A substance has to be harmful to be placed there, which cannabis is NOT. This alone is a Crime Against Humanity – never properly exposed!Click here now to read >>

Judge Young not only rules on cannabis as safe: as compared to any number of AMA approved DRUGS, that are PURE POISON – cannabis heals and prevents disease – it does not POISON people – EVER!

The UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws belong to everyone, they are the peoples laws! They are not owned by anyone, especially the ECHR judges who seldom if ever, use them to dispense justice and haven’t for 65 years – since the inception of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws.

Only the PEOPLE can enforce HUMAN RIGHTS that are fair for ALL the people. All governments and authorities favor their own views, making it unfair for millions of others. The people themselves must stand up and voice their needs through the United Nations Laws that are for Everyone.Click here to learn about this long-suppressed info!The United Nations is said to belong to the people of the world – an unbiased entity that keeps the world-piece and is neutral towards all countries.

There seems to be a problem with the United Nations stand on enforcement of any and all the things the Family Council on drug awareness deems to be facts.

They have allowed the Family Council to hold sessions to prove the true facts, but when it comes to standing up for those facts, they suddenly become a so-called neutral party – but in reality they are in communion with the Inns of Court – anything but NEUTRAL.

This is why “The Report” – facts about cannabis/marijuana/HEMP as proven by the Family Council of drug awareness has not been circulated over these many years of protest.

The United Nations have not acted neutral towards a lot of countries. They have not protected any country that was in disagreement with the strongest nations.

They have stood by, and watched the powerful countries, wrong other smaller countries – and did nothing to stop them. Didn’t even make a show of trying to stop them.

The soul purpose of the united nations was to protect the weak nations from the most powerful nations – but they have not honored their purpose – but instead, teamed up with the strong ones.

The so-called world piece keeper, is nothing but another branch of the same overpowering, POWERS from Behind the Curtain – with no protection what-so-ever for the small or weak nations. And entirely useless to any individual needing justice,

With all the strong entities on the same side and all the weak ones on the other – I wonder which side has the best chance to win?

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