Science of Hemp and Marijuana

Cannabis Science is not a new subject – with over 20,000 studies on marijuana – what is it that the so-called scientists don’t know? The more studies and knowledge learned, the more hard-nosed the authorities get towards legalizing cannabis.

One of the reasons scientists don’t know as much as they could know is because the authorities will not allow certain research to be done – so they CAN”T know without finding out.

Just like the denial of pleomorphism – and the medical industries refusal to use the microscope that proves the big lie about the germ theory of disease.

The government is afraid to prove the facts because it will make them and other leaders of the past 74 years look as dishonest as they are.

Cannabis science consists of a divided group of scientists – one for the best use of all the compounds in cannabis and put to their best use.

While the other is a group of so-called scientists, that have high degrees in education and follow the wishes of those in high places that made their education a reality.

Like all things government, they have their trained puppy-dogs that out-class almost everyone on the educational level – but not qualified with compassion and hands on reality – they have about the same level of wisdom as Anslinger of the 1937 prohibition of marijuana.

Why is Marijuana Illegal
Real cannabis science – the ones that are not turning flips to win the favor of some government official – is doing their own research on the side and under the table.

They know cannabis is being covered up and disallowed because it is very likely to interfere with big business being promoted by big government – the most important issues have always been kept secret from the common people.

Cancer research is pointing in the direction of cannabis – a good reason for government to keep the tight lid on legalization.

If the medical industry lost all the revenue they get from cancer patients using the killer methods used today – what would so many high paid people do for a living? You can be sure the Powers Behind the Certain will not risk this.

Cannabis science has been promoting hemp for years – and if hemp was again brought back into production, the struggling economy that has been railroaded into oblivion by a government gone insane – might have a fighting chance to recover eventually.

It has become obvious to millions of people in America, that unless the government releases cannabis from its death grip – and allows the common people a little wiggle space, we will all parish at the hand of the law.

The secret plans to take over the world through the United Nations – at the expense of destroying most of the populations of the world – so the few of those that are in on the plot can live in a world paradise – without a middle class – a perfect race of fat-cats with as many slaves as each one wants to do their bidding is absolutely unacceptable.
The N W O has been kept between secret and confusion for the last 20 years – but by the time the common sheeple figure out what’s going on, the government hopes to have them CONTROLLED – right down to the last person – cannabis science won’t be needed anymore in the N W O.

If your one of the millions that haven’t been told the truth about the NWO, it is in your best interest to learn about it from the dedicated scientists that have been warning of the tragic things planned by a class of wealthy elite in the years ahead.

The wealthy elite are well connected to the United Nations, the Vatican and the Inns of Court, England.

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