Pioneer Methods of Cooking With Marijuana

Cooking with Marijuana
Makes Cooking a Meal a New Delight
When cooking with marijuana you will enjoy many new treats. You can get any
marijuana cookie recipe

out of the cookbook you always used – you just need to modify each one a little to include the marijuana.

For a marijuana tea, another little modification. Most tea drinkers already know
how to make marijuana tea,

they just don’t know they already know how.

You don’t need a special marijuana cook book to get a
marijuana brownie recipe

– you can use the brownie quick mix from the grocery market. You just need to know how to modify it – same with all marijuana cooking recipes:
Cooking with marijuana 2 – new

Blueberry marijuana muffins, marijuana butter, and all kinds of marijuana cookies – can be made as easily as you fix any kind of food.

When cooking with marijuana you are being somewhat of a pioneer. The people that lived five hundred years ago didn’t even know what a recipe book was.

When they cooked it was an art, passed down from the people before them. No they didn’t have measuring spoons and cups as in use today, they used a handful if this and a pinch of that, and maybe a smidge of something else.

You really don’t need a special cook book, just for cooking with marijuana. The one you have always used is probably the best one you can get, because you are already familiar with it – besides you’ve already got it.

Knowledge of exactly how much marijuana ( and it comes in all different strength’s ) is needed to acquire the exact results you want. Yes, this is sort of an art – this knowledge can only be won by experience – hands on experience.
Cooking with marijuana 3 – new

You know how many people you are cooking for, and their medical needs. If you are cooking for just yourself, for two, or for a whole group.

If you are cooking for two, both on the medical program – use the same recipe you used before going on the program. The only difference is the marijuana you will add.

There are several ways to prepare the ( ready to smoke dry marijuana bud) marijuana for cooking purposes. Marijuana Concentrate, Marijuana Butter, and Liquid Marijuana.

The art of cooking with marijuana, is learning exactly how much THC is in the bud you use ( determined by where you get it) and how much you use to meet the medical needs of the people that will be eating the food.

The best starting formula, is to measure out about the amount you would use if you were going to smoke it – double that amount for two and triple it for three, and so on – depending on how many you are cooking for.

If you have never smoked it, you may need to ask someone that does, to help you the first time,

Many recipes are available from the internet. These recipes call for a certain measurement of marijuana. Be careful of these because the amount of herb is often much more than one person can handle as medicine.

Most of these are intended for people using it for recreational purposes.

Some people smoke a larger amount of marijuana because they are bigger or for some medical reason.

Remember, one size does not fit all – this is why the strength of the marijuana is so important – it shouldn’t be too strong, nor should it be too weak. But don’t worry if you get too much – it can’t hurt you because all marijuana is non-toxic medicine.

Rumor has it that cooked marijuana is not as potent as smoking it is. When it is smoked the effects are noticeable right away. Smoking it is simply different from eating it in cooked food.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes for the cooked food to get far enough into the systems of the body, for a reaction to become noticeable.

This is what you must learn about and write down the results, from the time you eat, to the time you first feel a change, how you feel and for how long.

By keeping track of this information, you will soon learn how much to increase or reduce the amount of marijuana the next time your cooking with marijuana.

So when you get ready to make those treats, you know you don’t need a special marijuana cookie recipe and your own common sense will guide you as to how to make marijuana tea with the simple formulas in this report.

Have a good time cooking with marijuana and learning to keep your own medical records.
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