Negative Effects of Marijuana: Marijuana’s negative effects

The negative effects of marijuana have been voiced by many people that have never used it, or grew it, and have done nothing educational to find out the truth about it.

Most negative effects of marijuana is comments that are coming from biased opinion, learned through the public systems.

The average person knows very little about marijuana and even less about hemp.

All news media are biased – one way or another on subjects that are controversial – they never give equal weight to both sides.

Just a little to the side they don’t care for and a great deal to the side they choose to favor, even though they may know little or nothing about either side.

The news sources have evolved into entertainment programs – how anyone can just listen and watch those talking heads is proof of a public full of sheeple. They wouldn’t know the negative effects of marijuana, from a fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen.

Yes, it’s the sheeple that don’t think – they just watch, spellbound – and act like robots – controlled by the talking heads that relay the government messages. The talking heads are good actors – of course they should be – they get the same instructions over and over, just smile a lot and repeat the same words arranged a little different each time.

Lots of different talking heads these days, where in the old days, just a few news casters did it all – but times have changed -we need lots of faces in order to entertain the millions of so-called brilliant sheeple that watch so loyally.

Talk about the negative effects of marijuana, they are all over the internet.

When the sheeple hear all about it – they believe every word.

All these so-called sites have such up to date ideas and information – mostly done by so-called doctors and scientists – using a wide variety of subliminal sounds that keep the public responding as ordered.

Oh, you say, they don’t use those hidden sounds – they are against the law. Oh yea? Who are you to tell the people that own the media what’s illegal? Don’t you know they run this land of the free and home of the brave?

All educated people have been trained to think, just like the insiders that run the government, has ordered.

Could that be why everyone keeps talking about the negative effects of marijuana instead of the positive ones?

Well, it is a fact that the international insiders bought out all the TV stations and all the big newspapers and magazines.

Independent reporters are a thing of the past – the managers of these media enterprises answer to the bankers that own them and take their orders from them.

The negative effects of marijuana – according to the internet, says marijuana is a #1 narcotic drug – with no medical value or benefits.

This is the official story and make no mistake about it – it is illegal and has been for 74 years.But what about the effects – are they positive or negative effects of marijuana?

That depends on who you ask. If you ask a state medical marijuana patient, they will tell you medical marijuana has helped them to manage pain better than any conventional medicine ever did.

But if you ask someone that is not a user and never was – someone that dwells on every word they read or see in the media, the whole subject is negative – almost too dangerous to discuss.What is it that makes it so dangerous?

It’s a #1 narcotic drug – all the sheeple know that.How did it come to be a #1 narcotic drug?

The government made it a #1 narcotic drug – and the negative effects of marijuana has nothing to do with it.Is it like all the other #1 narcotic drugs?

No – it’s nothing like any of the others, and never was.How can it be classed as one of them if it isn’t anything like them?

Because the government says it is – – -You mean to say the government can just say something is such and such, and it becomes, such and such?

Yes, exactly – they have passed laws that give themselves power to do this whenever it suits their purpose.Well, whatever is their purpose of such deceit? I thought the people were supposed to make the laws.

That’s just a fairy tail from a long time ago – now they make up the rules as the go along – its all about money and power since 1913.
In 1937 it was about corporate money and power. When several of the richest and most powerful people created a plan to get rid of hemp – they used marijuana as an excuse to carry out their wicked plan.

They knew they couldn’t win the market place unless they destroyed the market for hemp.

Negative effects of marijuana didn’t really have anything to do with it, but it was the only thing they could figure out that would fool the people.

The leaders that followed, after 1937, kept marijuana in bondage – still fearing the power of hemp, if it should ever become free. You mean to say marijuana has just been an excuse to build a case around?

Yes, Anslinger, head of narcotics, lied under oath, he was so set on destroying marijuana. These leaders knew that what they were doing was being done illegally.

But the problem was, as it is today, there was no higher authority that could bring them to justice – Former patriots warned us.

They told us to never allow a central government to have so much power, because it could become criminal, and it has happened just like they predicted.

The American people – and the sheeple, are in bondage just as certainly as marijuana is.

The coming years will be a challenge to live through – so many ways for the common people to be restrained – so few things one can do to prevent being mistreated – without any rights, only obligations to a government gone mad. One thing the people should try to do – that is, they should try to stick together and help one another. One of the Oldest and most successful tricks of dictators is to divide and conquer – in other-words-they first start a fight or a dispute and then take sides.

“Be divided and be conquered” That is the oldest of war tactics.

The negative effects of marijuana is an example of people being divided into two camps or more – so one group will be powerful,because they agree with the government that is indoctrinating them and the rest will look like criminals, because they don’t agree with the lies and propaganda.

This tactic has been used thousands of times in the history of this country, and around the world.

It is nearly impossible for any American to imagine violence in their state and surely not in their city – but disasters are happening all over the world.

America has lost her glamor – she is no more favored than any other country in today’s rat race.

The money crisis is world wide now and Americans have been given a bad name for what our bankers and so-called leaders have done. Maybe it is best we have so many brainless sheeple – maybe they won’t even know it when the sky falls in on them.

It is surely a fact that they don’t mind using the monopoly money and playing the bank checking game – just like they are big-shots, and the credit card game with all the big crooked bankers – these sheeple think it is real – to them it is.

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