Medical Use Of Marijuana & Medicinal Uses Of Marijuana

Medical Use of Marijuana:
Discover Why this Herb is a Winner!

The medical use of marijuana has been known since ancient times.
Here’s a list of the most popular medical conditions marijuana is famous for alleviating – apart from the ones listed in this image:









sleep problems




Let’s take a look at each… if you’d like to share how marijuana helped your health condition, click here.Asthma: over 15,000,000 Americas are affected with asthma. Marijuana would be beneficial for 80% of them if it were available. The treatment of
marijuana and asthma

has been used for thousands of years – it is a proven medical treatment.Glaucoma: causes 14% of all blindness in America. Marijuana smoking would help thousands that suffer from it.Tumors: both benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors have reacted promisingly to the medical use of marijuana.

Marijuana was given a bad name through the ignorance of the people in the early 1930’s, and government insiders, promoting nation wide, yellow journalism.

It was said to cause health problems – when instead it has been successfully used in tumor research – millions of individuals have used marijuana, for treating themselves, after the bad effects of conventional medicine.Cancer: read more about
marijuana and cancer


One of the bravest of natural doctors, ( Dr. Mercola) wrote an article that has had, world impact on his internet website, with very positive effects of marijuana -about a man in Canada that cured his own cancer with Cannabis seed oil. He raised his own plants and made his own oil.

The doctors article was called “Run From the Cure”.

After curing himself and knowing first hand that it worked – he shared the information with his friends that also used the oil for curing their cancer‘s.

These people were lucky to have been Rick’s friend, but Rick, even without having cancer now – is on the run from the legal authorities that would have him tried for practicing medicine without a license – or some other trumped up charges.Rick is laying low, in a foreign land – hoping the authorities will just “go away”.

Another man, Gary Harmon, that has defeated cancer and the devastation from it, has much experience with every aspect of this killer. The positive effects of marijuana is only one of the topics that can be learned from his
experience with skin cancer at his website.Indeed, the medical use of marijuana is known not only for cancer treatment, but for nausea, Aids, sea sickness, morning sickness – these are all treated successfully with marijuana. With NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Chemotherapy treatment has some nasty side effects that include nausea. When the patient is already in such bad condition, not being able to eat is just too much – marijuana treatment is the best known way for these people to combat the nausea caused by chemotherapy.Epilepsy: 60% of epilepsy patients would benefit by using marijuana. Medical use of marijuana is also a major source of relief for Multiple Sclerosis and other nervous systems and muscular weaknesses.

Tremors and Back Pain are among this group of ailments that respond favorably to smoking marijuana.Antibiotic CBD disinfectants: medical use of marijuana has been proven as an antibiotic. There are many uses for a cannabinoid, including treatments for gonorrhea and herpes. If research were allowed, CBD antibiotics would, without a doubt, be used in every hospital.Arthritis: and other ailments like Cystic fibrosis, Gout, and Rheumatism are benefited from the marijuana topical analgesic until 1937.

Marijuana was in nearly all conventional medicine before it was outlawed – Yes, outlawed – without any proof or reason what-so-ever. Smoking marijuana is good for some ailments, but for others the topical treatment really gets to the problem.Lung Cleaner: smoking marijuana is the best way to clean the lungs of smog, dust, and phlegm associated with tobacco. People that have become addicted to tobacco have switched to marijuana smoking.

These people find it is far better for their lungs and health in general. Marijuana is not addictive in any way where tobacco is famous for life time addictions – switching from tobacco to marijuana can be done, without addictions or withdrawals.Sleeping and relaxation: marijuana lowers blood pressure and dilates the arteries – relieves stress – creates a feeling of happiness and contentment. There is absolutely nothing evil or wicked about feeling good – it’s NATURAL ! Conventional medicine offers sleep and relaxants that have bad long range side effects, and many people complain about short range bad effects. Marijuana has no short or long range side effects – just the relaxed and contented NATURAL feeling – meant for everyone to enjoy.
The links below offer more information about popular topics that concern millions of sick people.
Heart Disease and MarijuanaUses of Medical MarijuanaMarijuana and Medical UseHow to Use Medical MarijuanaMarijuana Medical UseMarijuana depression

click on the chart image below to see the full spectrum of marijuana’s therapeutic use.

Medical use of marijuana is so broad it is hard to imagine how or why the whole world of people would do without this most needed medicine.

If conventional medicine had a track record like medical marijuana, we would only need a few doctors because everybody would be healthy and laughing most all the time like they do when they are able to enjoy their marijuana. Happiness is being able to use marijuana all the time everywhere in the world.Marijuana brain

-marijuana and emphysema – marijuana and migraines – marijuana and appetite –
marijuana alzheimers

– and many other ailments are being treated today with this illegal medicine, with good results and NO SIDE EFFECTS – because marijuana is non-toxic and 100% people friendly.

Conventional medicine, can’t make any claim their drugs won’t cause more medical problems than they cure. The side effects are so outrageous it is a wonder so many educated people are so passive as to accept such risky stuff and call it medicine.

The medical use of marijuana is becoming more important to sick people all the time – as more and more people find out about the way marijuana medicine was outlawed – just so the chemical poisons could be forced on the populations, secretly.

Millions of people are still without this knowledge that will eventually discover the medical use of marijuana. When they do they will quit the chemical drugs in favor of REAL CURES for all their ailments – they will learn how marijuana use, prevents disease when used regularly.

But how many more must die before they hear the facts – how many more hours of agonizing pain and suffering must still be allowed the AMA and its drug producing industries, to collect money by the ton’s for false medical treatments?
Medical marijuana research,Marijuana is the most important medicine on the face of the earth – none other has ever come close!Medical Marijuana Uses

are beneficial for any human immune system. Real medicine, for healing the ailments other kinds of medicine won’t begin to deal with.
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President Obama signed this order on March 16, 2012 – and you can be sure all the INSIDERS were cheering him on.

“National Defense Resources Preparedness” is the name of this executive order that the INSIDERS will use to take more and give less to “We the expendable people of America”

This executive order must be to fill in where all the others leave a gap. It says we must surrender all our resources to the president, if and when he says so.

It is sort of a mystery why it was so important, to need this executive order – the president already has the right to exercise martial law.

Martial Law provides the president with all the same things this new order does – unless some new ones have been hidden between the lines.

At any rate it doesn’t matter much for us “Americans” we have now formally been informed – “We have a dictatorship INSIDER Government”.

What are “WE” going to do about it?

NOTHING – just like we have done about marijuana, and hundreds of other injustices over the last 100 years. The INSIDERS must really be proud of all their POWER. And how many more problems do they intend to cause, now that they have declared this new executive order?

Don’t bother about a new president, the writing is on the wall – we will take what we have and that’s that!

GMO injustice must be told and you must learn their secrets.

Jeffrey Smith is making a film you and all your concerned friends will want to help create.

This film will show what is, and has been, going on secretly behind your back – for years. And with the so-called Federal Governments blessing.

No wonder the world has turned insane! This outrageous industry has been reaping at your expense – your health and your life IS in their hands.

GMO’s are the secret link to all the stories that have been going around about the end of the world and the depopulation of the world. These crazy INSIDERS actually think they can pull it off with their 100 year long secrets.

What is all this about anyway? STARVATION that’s what its about. While we are enjoying all the tasty so-called food – getting fat and getting unhealthy very slowly from eating poison – and receiving any one of the many varieties of terminal disease, the GMO food industry is thriving.

And thriving in secret to the tune of being added to most of our food. If they were interested in fair business, they would be advertising on package labels instead of criminally smuggling these GMO poisons into our food without our knowledge or consent.

The human body systems can survive well, but only when it is fed the one kind of fuel it was designed to run on. Its called nutrition.GMO’s are laced with poison fuel. The POPULATION problem has been a long job – but it is nearly complete.

All world food supply’s are getting close to 100% contaminated with GMO’s. The Council of Foreign Relations and Government INSIDERS have worked hard to secret these problems this far, without being stopped. Yes, they have been getting by with genocide.

They have been patient and determined for many years, while you learned to enjoy their poisoned food. It taste’s so good – who would ever think anything could be wrong with it? And so convenient too!

It is a fact, that if we can’t get anything but GMO food – and food that is otherwise intentionally damaged, we will eventually STARVE to death. This evil deceit started soon after the world war – but has picked up speed these last 30 years.

“STARVATION” – “That’s right, fat belly starvation – or skin and bones starvation – doesn’t matter which. When your body systems run completely out of nutrition, and the poisons take the upper hand – – – you WILL die – and dying is indeed, very final.

Go to the link below and learn how you can help broadcast this to the world – before it is too late to speak up!
Exclusive Patent License on Marijuana Granted to Pharma Firm
The Federal Government took out patents on medical marijuana.

Why would the government take out a patent on something they claim is worthless? And how can the government take out a patent on a natural substance, when the patent office has turned down all other requests, telling everyone that natural, common things can’t be patented.

Even their pharmaceutical Corporations make this claim – and have for years.

The Federal Register announced that they were contemplating the granting of an exclusive patent license to practice the invention covered in its U.S. Patent #6,630,507 (which the government owns)

When the Pharmaceutical industry gets their exclusive rights to twist and torture cannabis in their test-tubes and experiment on people with their endless hard drugs, mixed with cannabis, natural non-toxic cannabis will either die forever or cause a civil uprising.

Unless there is a sudden act of God, the laws may soon change the whole perspective on cannabis medicine – and you may as well kiss HEMP BIOMASS goodbye, forever.

These INSIDERS have been after HEMP for 75 years – making sure it never gets in the way of their evil petrochemicals, drugs,or GMO’s that are Conventionally destroying the planet.

The exclusive patent rights have already been granted to a company called KannaLife, Inc.

GOOGLE: KannaLife, Inc.Most Judges Refuse to Punish Crimes Against Humanity

Learn about the Family Council on Drug Awareness (FCDA) Report, which has unbeatable cases against the European Court of Human Rights judges that refuse to answer crimes against humanity.

This Report has been covered up since 1994 – and must be exposed, charging these ECHR judges with conspiracy to Murder.
Google: Family Council on Drug Awareness Report.
Google: “Cannabis Biomass”

Learn about how the government has REFUSED to introduce and execute cannabis biomass, which is the ONLY solution for solving global warming, sickness, poverty, food, and water shortages,

The reason is obvious. It’s illegal and the government intends for it to stay that way.

This is positive proof, the POWER Behind the Curtain has everything all planned out, and the last few years are part of that plan.Even to save the world from global warming, all the government administrations since 1937, have refused to even consider medical cannabis legalization, or HEMP farming.
Click here now to get the whole scoop!

This 17-year old report has only been circulated by a book publisher – with the majority of all the world media being heavily suppressed – the world’s public never hearing of it – click to read >>Cannabis is a non-toxic herb – this means it should not be under the Misuse of Drugs Act anywhere on earth. A substance has to be harmful to be placed there, which cannabis is NOT. This alone is a Crime Against Humanity – never properly exposed!Click here now to read >>

Judge Young not only rules on cannabis as safe: as compared to any number of AMA approved DRUGS, that are PURE POISON – cannabis heals and prevents disease – it does not POISON people – EVER!

The UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws belong to everyone, they are the peoples laws! They are not owned by anyone, especially the ECHR judges who seldom if ever, use them to dispense justice and haven’t for 65 years – since the inception of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws.The United Nations is said to belong to the people of the world – an unbiased entity that keeps the world-piece and is neutral towards all countries.

There seems to be a problem with the United Nations stand on enforcement of any and all the things the Family Council on drug awareness deems to be facts.

They have allowed the Family Council to hold sessions to prove the true facts, but when it comes to standing up for those facts, they suddenly become a so-called neutral party – but in reality they are in communion with the Inns of Court – anything but NEUTRAL.

This is why “The Report” – facts about cannabis/marijuana/HEMP as proven by the Family Council of drug awareness has not been circulated over these many years of protest.

The United Nations have not acted neutral towards a lot of countries. They have not protected any country that was in disagreement with the strongest nations.

They have stood by, and watched the powerful countries, wrong other smaller countries – and did nothing to stop them. Didn’t even make a show of trying to stop them.

The soul purpose of the united nations was to protect the weak nations from the most powerful nations – but they have not honored their purpose – but instead, teamed up with the strong ones.

The so-called world piece keeper, is nothing but another branch of the same overpowering, POWERS from Behind the Curtain – with no protection what-so-ever for the small or weak nations. And entirely useless to any individual needing justice,

With all the strong entities on the same side and all the weak ones on the other – I wonder which side has the best chance to win?

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