Medical Marijuana Stores: Store-fronts for Marijuana

Medical marijuana stores make sense if the program is serious about providing the people on it with the needed medicine.

Doctors have a place of business – and heaven knows, they distribute plenty of high powered and questionable medicines. How would they manage under such handicaps as medical marijuana stores are going through?

Medical marijuana dispensaries are as needed as any other kind of store. The fact that the state has provided a program for certain people – surely they should have a place to go to get the product they have allowed them to have.

The programs say an individual, under pain and in need of the medicine, can grow their own plants – and some can – but most people in severe pain can’t, they have little strength, knowledge, or the ability it takes to grow these highly temperamental plants and to understand the whole process from start to finish.

Why, an elderly sick person could no more do this than hitch hike across America.

Medical marijuana businesses are needed in some areas that are far from the card holders caregiver/grower – who are not allowed to deliver the medicine.

If store fronts are not allowed, how are these people supposed to get their medicine? Mailing it is not an option, like for other needed items – because the post office and the shipping lines won’t allow it either.

All this prohibition of medical marijuana stores is another chicken and egg story – and somehow we must figure out the sequence and make it happen – legal of illegal – this is not acceptable for the state to offer in one hand and refuse on the other.

Its bad indeed that the Federal authorities are so empty-headed and protecting some very suspicious agendas for 73 years -some mystries go back over 150 years.

Regardless of all that has happened or is about to happen – we the people on medical marijuana programs, need medical marijuana dispensaries where we can get our medicine.

Most of us are willing to pay a resonable tax on such a privileged product – although it seems like we should be treated the same as with the prescriptions written by doctors and filled at the pharmacy.

Aren’t pharmacy’s store fronts? So what’s so different with the medical cannabis stores filling our prescriptions?
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