Medical Marijuana Physicians: Physicians of medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana physicians are fully licensed, experienced, well informed and helpful. They are the new warriors in America.

Pun intended – but the United States has literally gone to POT over the last 74 years.

And its not hard to see why – no government could ever have created more miseries and hardships on her people while making most of the rest of the world hate them, than the United States Government.

All the kings horses and all the kings men will never bring back, what America might have been.

Yes, it is not the American people that are blood thirsty and money hungry – it’s the wolfs dwelling inside and behind the curtains of Big Government that dominate and control with a secret iron fist – – –

If you think Russia and Germany were irresponsible to their people and the people of the world -wait till you experience what the NWO has in store for you and me! Obama Care? Oh no!

Medical marijuana physicians are working overtime trying to help people avoid the deadly treatments of conventional medicine – The governments continues to prevent the legality of pot and the growing of hemp crops that would help revive the economy.

The secret government has done everything in their power to destroy the people – Mostly becoming VERY obvious in the last 5 years.

The government always takes the liberty of passing bills, borrowing money, and gifting others – all without the knowledge or consent of we the people, it is taken for granted it is out duty to honor anything they do regardless of how it effects out economy or our lives.

Needless war, forced bankruptcy’s, using counterfeit money,
Forced unemployment – nation wide, inside terrorism’s, and one of the biggest oil leaks in history to top off all their wickedness towards the people. They are just flexing their mussels Behind the Curtain.

Some of Americas top scientists and best physicians have joined together to help in this effort to make medical marijuana legal -so everyone will have access to the best medicine and so they can avoid the dangerous use of prescription drugs with its killer side effects.

Most recently – medical marijuana physicians have set up clinics in the larger cities that offer full service help to sick patients – helping them to get their medical marijuana card and helping them learn how to acquire the medicine they need for their ailments.

Medical marijuana physicians are doing all they can to change the world of medicine – along with all the other people that help teach good nutrition and healthy living.

Hundreds of the finest news letters are being read by millions of health conscious, concerned Americans.

Under state laws, 15 States have made programs available. Anyone wanting to take responsibility for their own life and health, through the use of natures perfect medicines – marijuana and other healing herbs, can do so.

Natural herbs are so effective – the world could do away with most conventional medicine and do just fine without it.

Serious ailments are being treated with far less suffering than would be experienced without marijuana to relieve the pain.

Just because marijuana is a recreational favorite does not cancel its medical benefits – and anyway, why should the fact that it is pleasant to experience, should that make it bad? People enjoy tobacco, and its legal – and very, very BAD.

The governments distorted notion that good is bad and bad is good is certainly the opposite of common sense or wisdom.

If Chemo Therapy was pleasant instead of such an ordeal, would the government get after the doctors for prescribing it? And would these almost to die patients be arrested for taking what the doctor said was their only hope?

Of course not, because harsh and dangerous is not the issue here, its politics and big business all the way.

Medical marijuana physicians are not just qualified – they are compassionate and willing to help people that have no one else to turn to.

The conventional doctors are all in bed with the government that is determined to keep pot outlawed and force people to use conventional medicine and doctors services even if it kills them – and it will in the future as it has in the past.

The conventional medical monopoly is run exactly the same way the media racket is run – and by the same insiders and corporations.

One of the most unique and outstanding foundations is The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation – this group of medical cannabis physicians are helping other doctors to help patients become medical marijuana users and card holders.

They are real warrior’s of the 21st century.

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