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Medical marijuana news can be found on the internet – and once in a while on the national news. Most of the websites specialize in selling things or peddling propaganda they are unaware of.

And once in a while the national news tells about police raids and Federal busts that specialize in keeping their prisons populated.

If you put the search term “pounds of Marijuana” in the Google search engine, you will bring up over 6 million pages of highway patrol busts in America – I found hundreds of listings for just the day I searched – unbelievable number of arrests.

When some prisoners are released, they need to be replaced with a new batch – the system must keep their employees busy – after all, it’s the biggest prison business in the world. Besides that, these are the least trouble of any class of prisoners, that’s why there are so many of them.

15 States are offering medical marijuana programs, and a few offer decriminalization laws as well. This must surely cut into the arrest count that the government depends on to keep their prisons full.

Its medical marijuana news whenever someone gets arrested – or when someone gets killed over a dispute or a theft, it is front page news.

The whole industry has evolved on risks – and many think the rewards offset the risks, at least – before they get arrested. Before medical marijuana news tells the world about it.

That is what keeps the industry going – because it sure isn’t the ones that get arrested, at least until they get out of jail or prison.

The American people have been so deeply trained to be money minded, they will do anything they think they can get by with in exchange for wealth. And the pot business has become a mania like nothing before it. Thousands of risk takers thinking only of the reward and ignoring the risk.

Some people are too lazy to work, so they go on welfare – some don’t mind working hard, so they take up growing and selling pot – some just love the feel of money, so they take up gambling and playing the lottery. Something for everyone in a socialist system.

There is no risk in using pot. The risk is all in getting caught with it. This cat and mouse game has been going on for 74 years, but has really been heating up these last 20 years.

The use of cannabis is not harmful nor is it addictive. The government knows it is less dangerous to the health of humans than a dozen other commonly used foods and drinks, and definitely less dangerous than the use of tobacco used in any form.

But the government is not worried about your health or mine, they only pretend to care because they know that the best way to control people is through scare tactics, and force.

It is not medical marijuana news when we hear about people from different states wanting medical marijuana programs. We know everyone wants medical marijuana to be available to everyone. The reason it is not, is because the government is using medical marijuana news as a control over the people.

It has been common knowledge for 10,000 years that cannabis is harmless and in most cases good for your health if used with respect. No one has ever died from using pot – and if it held its good reputation for 10,000 years, how come the obviously wrong government has it outlawed for the last 74 years?So how come marijuana is illegal?

Because some influential selfish people didn’t want cannabis competing in the marketplace. It never was about marijuana – marijuana was just an excuse to get rid of HEMP. Hemp was the fiber that had swallowed up the economy throughout its long history and had won the full faith of the people.

These rich men had developed petrochemicals they wanted to market – but the people wouldn’t even look their way as long as they had their hemp products.

No, that wasn’t medical marijuana news, but it was soon trouble for the HEMP industry. These men wouldn’t give up until they killed the industrial hemp production in America.

After years of lies, propaganda, and struggle in general, cannabis landed headlong into a kangaroo courtroom where it was framed and without defense – was found guilty of crimes it never knew of – outlawed and renamed – #1 Narcotic Drug.

This herb, if it were allowed to speak could tell you how Christ must have felt when he was so disrespected and put to death.

After marijuana was made illegal in 1937, HEMP farming was soon under attack too. The new Tax Stamp Act was enforced against the industry and the industry soon faded out of existence – and while it was fading out, the new petrochemical industries were advancing on Americans.

Petrochemicals have captured the marketplace – no, not captured – hogged it and forced it down our throats. It is a dangerous, earth unfriendly product that has contaminated the soil, water, and the air. It has poisoned the medical industries – it has poisoned our homes, and it has made us very sick.

Medical marijuana news says hemp has become just as illegal as marijuana, and medical marijuana is really being used by the Federal Government for underhanded reasons that are being kept secret until it is time to use them.

It isn’t medical marijuana news that says it’s illegal – its medical marijuana history after 74 years – and it isn’t medical marijuana news that our government is and has been corrupt for all these years.

The problems gets worse every year – maybe this is medical marijuana news!

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