Medical Marijuana Legalization: End of Cannabis/Marijuana Prohibition

Medical Marijuana Legalization is Everybody’s Birthright
The Whole World Over
Medical marijuana legalization really depends on the mind set of the person doing the thinking. Cannabis has only been tried in a legal court that offered facts, once since 1836.

It was in 1994 that “The Report” was made – and the United States Government, has NEVER held an honest court on Cannabis.

The ONLY court that was ever held in Congress, was in 1937 – after cannabis was secretly outlawed, by the government insiders during a few kangaroo court hearings – all illegal with no evidence or facts presented.

That’s right, 74 years ago it was tried in the highest court of the land, without facts or truth. – Some old newspaper editorials, written by W. Randolph Hearst, a journalist that had been working with insiders for years, was so-called evidence.

These few insiders had been peddling propaganda, and scaring the people. They were trying to build a case for selfish, personal business reasons – against a non-toxic plant, that has always been a friend of the earth and a friend of the people.No one has EVER proved, before or since,any truthful reason for cannabis being classified as a narcotic.

The Powers say they don’t need to prove anything – it is already illegal – SO THAT”S THAT!Obviously, once the insiders pull an important double-cross, they have enough POWER to keep it from being retried in an HONEST court with EVIDENCE.

But if medical marijuana legalization depends on the facts, we find the original facts were determined in 1836 and continually updated over the years. The insiders of 1937 did know they were deliberately outlawing a non-toxic plant with many needed uses.

Science and many individuals have proved cannabis is completely harmless to all animals, including the human being.

Liquor was once illegal, and they didn’t say “that’s that“. They legalized it because their was money to be made – in great amounts. But cannabis was NEVER in the same class as liquor – not that it couldn’t make huge amounts of money, but because if it did, DuPont would have unwanted competition.That competition is what caused medical marijuana legalization to be an issue for the past 74 years.
The American people were suffering from hard times in the 1930’s.

The new president was busy with secretly turning America into a Socialist State, (without the people realizing what was going on) – It was his job to see to it the people were hurting bad enough to accept things they would not have normally accepted.

The Powers Behind the Curtain have always used hard times, disease, and war to manipulate the people – and of course promises, and lies by the truckload.

The government didn’t even consider medical marijuana legalization for the very sickest people in 1937 – all they wanted was to make sure it was enforceable illegal.

DuPont chemicals were advanced far enough by that time, they could replace a lot of the old hemp products with their new products, as the hemp products were discarded – and if the people had to do without for a while it would make them all the more eager to get the new products.

Since HEMP was outlawed, they did just as the government and their insider investors expected – they accepted the new products and was glad to get them.

The school books and public papers and reference books and all history of Cannabis had all been changed to make cannabis look like it had always been unimportant – and the future people was to grow up without knowing about it.

By 1950 cannabis was almost forgotten by the majority of the people, and they had started learning to belong to the new socialist system – Yes, without knowing it! Yes, little by little – luxury started addicting people to the easy life of socialism – – –

Most people were so frightened of anything happening to our precious Republic – we did the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning first thing at school.

But 10 years later things started to change. Socialism was never discussed, but the big scare during the 60’s was Communism – by that time we were calling ourselves Democrats.

Most people had heard the term Democrat so many times they forgot all about this being a Republic – and of course it is quite a deliberate, coincidence that the 2 political parties are called democrats and republicans.

Well, not really – this was planned long before it came about. The insiders know Confusion in names is an effective tool.

Federal Government and Federal Reserve were planned terms, and so was the united states of America, and “The United States of America”

Medical marijuana legalization was not in the plans of the POWERS. But Cannabis was in their plans – for keeping it illegal and using it for a CONTROL leaver.
So it was, that petrochemicals took over the industrial products of the world, with the reassurance of the Powers Behind the Curtain. Medical marijuana legalization has not been able to break through all the barriers that has been designed for that purpose.About every product on earth is being made out of petrochemicals.The problem with that has been the toxic waste that comes with it.

The petrochemical fertilizers have got the ground poisoned, after 60 years of use – and as the rainwater runs off, the waterways have been poisoned too.

Medical marijuana legalization would never cause such poisoning and contamination – because it is non-toxic Has Global Warming developed because all these chemical and fossil based products have poisoned the atmosphere?

The belching smokestacks of toxic chemical industry have contaminated the air and damaged the Earth’s oxygen supply. But this, my honorable readers, as fatal as it sounds, is the tip of the iceberg.

The real threat to PLANET EARTH is the Military Industrial Complex – here are the extremely dangerous people, that are a threat to everybody on earth – with SUPER CONTROL over things that are not only secret, but an exceedingly dangerous threat to HUMANITY.

And these so-called people don’t care one iota about YOU or ME!

Weapons that can wipe out whole cities in one fall swoop. And no common people in charge of any part of it.

What good is medical marijuana legalization if we are all dead?

These are the POWERS that stay hid Behind the Curtain. They have control over Haarp, over all the military bases, over space programs, nuclear reactors, over nuclear weapons, over so much it boggles the human mind to think it through.

Yes, they even have CONTROL over what lies and propaganda, you will hear and believe.

And to top it all off they have control over the very food we eat – yes, we think we can control our diet – but only in times as they have permitted.

But what the future holds is an entirely different story. These powers can change our lifestyle so fast we won’t know what happened or why.

It is a fact, if we don’t stand against the POWERS while we are strong and stand together for medical marijuana legalization and the legalization of raising HEMP crops – we will find ourselves so deep in bondage we will have no way out.

The reasons for a cannabis/Medical Marijuana legalization is obvious – if we don’t want to live and die under oppression, we must band together while we are well feed and have clear minds to think with. If we wait until we are half starved and out of our minds with fright – we will have no chance at all.

See the bright yellow column on the right of each page in this website and click on the one that leads to “The Report”. Learn the details today. Learn about Cannabis Biomass – learn about real freedom from oppression.

The Cannabis Biomass chapter is not finished for your attention, but I hope to have it ready soon (the editor)

Learn how serious the issue of medical marijuana legalization is if you want to go on living – because this chemical world is progressively killing everybody. We need to clean it up – NOW!
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NOT substitute for specific advice. Click here to see our full DISCLAIMER…SBI!Exclusive Patent License on Marijuana Granted to Pharma Firm
The Federal Government took out patents on medical marijuana.

Why would the government take out a patent on something they claim is worthless? And how can the government take out a patent on a natural substance, when the patent office has turned down all other requests, telling everyone that natural, common things can’t be patented.

Even their pharmaceutical Corporations make this claim – and have for years.

The Federal Register announced that they were contemplating the granting of an exclusive patent license to practice the invention covered in its U.S. Patent #6,630,507 (which the government owns)

When the Pharmaceutical industry gets their exclusive rights to twist and torture cannabis in their test-tubes and experiment on people with their endless hard drugs, mixed with cannabis, natural non-toxic cannabis will either die forever or cause a civil uprising.

Unless there is a sudden act of God, the laws may soon change the whole perspective on cannabis medicine – and you may as well kiss HEMP BIOMASS goodbye, forever.

These insiders have been after HEMP for 75 years – making sure it never gets in the way of their evil petrochemicals & drugs, that are Conventionally destroying the planet.

The exclusive patent rights have already been granted to a company called KannaLife, Inc.

GOOGLE: KannaLife, Inc.Many Judges Refuse to Punish Crimes Against Humanity

Learn about the Family Council on Drug Awareness (FCDA) Report, which has unbeatable cases against the European Court of Human Rights judges that refuse to answer crimes against humanity.

This Report has been covered up since 1994 – and must be exposed, charging these ECHR judges with conspiracy to Murder.
Google: Family Council on Drug Awareness Report.
Google: “Cannabis Biomass”

Learn about how the government has REFUSED to introduce and execute cannabis biomass, which is the ONLY solution for solving global warming, sickness, poverty, food, and water shortages,

The reason is obvious. It’s illegal and the government intends for it to stay that way.

This is positive proof, the POWER Behind the Curtain has everything all planned out, and the last few years are part of that plan.Even to save the world from global warming, all the government administrations since 1937, have refused to even consider medical cannabis legalization, or HEMP farming.
Click here now to get the whole scoop!

This 17-year old report has only been circulated by a book publisher – with the majority of all the world media being heavily suppressed – the world’s public never hearing of it – click to read >>Cannabis is a non-toxic herb – this means it should not be under the Misuse of Drugs Act anywhere on earth. A substance has to be harmful to be placed there, which cannabis is NOT. This alone is a Crime Against Humanity – never properly exposed!Click here now to read >>

Judge Young not only rules on cannabis as safe: as compared to any number of AMA approved DRUGS, that are PURE POISON – cannabis heals and prevents disease – it does not POISON people – EVER!

The UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws belong to everyone, they are the peoples laws! They are not owned by anyone, especially the ECHR judges who seldom if ever, use them to dispense justice and haven’t for 65 years – since the inception of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Laws.The United Nations is said to belong to the people of the world – an unbiased entity that keeps the world-piece and is neutral towards all countries.

There seems to be a problem with the United Nations stand on enforcement of any and all the things the Family Council on drug awareness deems to be facts.

They have allowed the Family Council to hold sessions to prove the true facts, but when it comes to standing up for those facts, they suddenly become a so-called neutral party – but in reality they are in communion with the Inns of Court – anything but NEUTRAL.

This is why “The Report” – facts about cannabis/marijuana/HEMP as proven by the Family Council of drug awareness has not been circulated over these many years of protest.

The United Nations have not acted neutral towards a lot of countries. They have not protected any country that was in disagreement with the strongest nations.

They have stood by, and watched the powerful countries, wrong other smaller countries – and did nothing to stop them. Didn’t even make a show of trying to stop them.

The soul purpose of the united nations was to protect the weak nations from the most powerful nations – but they have not honored their purpose – but instead, teamed up with the strong ones.

The so-called world piece keeper, is nothing but another branch of the same overpowering, POWERS from Behind the Curtain – with no protection what-so-ever for the small or weak nations. And entirely useless to any individual needing justice,

With all the strong entities on the same side and all the weak ones on the other – I wonder which side has the best chance to win?

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