Curing Marijuana: Marijuana Curing

Curing Marijuana for The Best Quality Ever
Curing marijuana is a job that needs to be done carefully, patiently, and timely.

Careful – because if you handle the buds roughly – you will knock a lot of the THC resin crystals off the buds and it will loose a lot of its good quality’s.

Patiently – because after you hang the large stems up to dry – you must wait for them to dry properly.

Rushing this process will cause you more trouble than it is worth. Just be patient!

Timely – because you must not overdo, or under do any part of the curing marijuana process – every stage of raising marijuana can be critical, but the curing, after getting through all the growing process – is a timely thing, you can’t afford to ignore.

Assuming you have allowed your plants to ripen, ( 35% to 65% of the white pistils have turned reddish brown ) before starting to harvest your plants –

Being sure the plant is ripe is important because its quality is at its best, when it is ripe.

The first or main harvest: cut all the big heavy top stems with the best flowers. Handle them carefully – assuming you are aware of the manicuring process, – this is when you remove all the fan leaves and the medium size leaves leaving only the buds on the stems.Your gentle touch always pays off, because you know
how to grow weed.
While you are curing marijuana, you may choose to cure the little buds, when they get ripe.The small buds that grow on the under parts of the plant, can be left to ripen. Since the parts of the plant that kept them in the shade, are gone now, they will be able to grow and ripen too. This may take another 2 weeks or so.

Waiting for these buds to ripen may depend on circumstances – if the amount that will be produced is too small to warrant the space, or in the case of growing under lights, it may not warrant the cost of the electricity to run the lights.

If you decide it is worth the extra 2 weeks, this is called the 2nd harvest. The manicuring, amounts to cutting all the small ripe buds off the stems after they have finished ripening.

When manicuring bud, always use a good overhead light and sharp scissor like clippers to snip the leafs off.

Always handle the stems as carefully as you can – being aware that you can knock the resin crystals off the bud, and lessen their quality – fine quality is the object of properly curing marijuana.You will need a room to dry your harvest. Clothes line-like wires can be strung from one wall to the next to hang the stems on.

Pieces that won’t hang easily can be clipped to the wire with the spring loaded type cloths pins. The small buds can be spread on a screen in the drying room.

The temperature of your drying room will depend on where you live.

If you live in a low humidity area, you will have less trouble with mold and little critters that like moisture.

You can control the humidity with fans that move the air around a little. The ideal temperature may be as low as 50 degrees and as high as 75. Humidity plays a big part in curing marijuana.

In high humidity areas like near the ocean or a tropical climate, the drying room is subject to moisture, even with fans, because the fresh air comes from outside where the moisture is heavy.

Heat, and a dehumidifier, with fans in it, is the best way to deal with the problem. 60 degrees to 85 degrees is about the temperature range, depending on the season.While your buds are drying , don’t mess with them.

Leave them alone and don’t knock the resin crystals off – it is a temptation – but restrain yourself and read your grower’s handbook.

You will be surprised to find how much you thought you knew, that you didn’t, know about growing and curing marijuana.
The last stage of curing marijuana is the storage – the most important part of ending up with a fine harvest is the drying process – if you fail to get your buds 100% dry – you will have mold problems that will ruin the quality of your buds.

Some growers store their crop in the freezer – but this is not good for the THC – freezing knocks the THC crystals off the bud.

Some people use zip-lock bags – then store them in the freezer – Double Trouble! – Plastic bags create static electricity that also knocks the fragile THC crystals off the bud.

Still other growers leave their pot hang in the drying room and let it stay there until they use it up. This is not good because it looses all its good quality’s by being exposed to the air for so long.

The best way to store pot over all the other ways that have been tried is still the wide mouthed mason jars with lids and rings. You can see through the glass and if anything is going wrong inside you can see it.

When you put your pot in these jars, use the right size jar for the size of the stem. Its better to cut the stem down to the proper size than to cram it in the wrong size jar.

The object is to keep the THC on the buds. Label your jars with the date and the strain name. Store it in a closet in an out of the way place – out of sight.

Learning all about curing marijuana Is work, but the reward is worth it.

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