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Cannabis Seeds Bank Information is easy to Find But not Reliable
Cannabis seeds bank operations seem to be very plentiful on the internet – but actually buying the seeds and receiving them is perhaps akin to gambling. Nothing is ever as easy as it appears at first sight.

The medical marijuana seed banks that advertise on the internet want proof that you are on the program – and that is not easy over the internet.

Anyone can barrow a medical marijuana card from a friend, put it through a copy machine, erase the pertinent information and fill in new data – recopy the first copy.

And before your eyes is a forged copy of a medical marijuana card that would look fine to an internet viewer.

But internet viewers, at least the ones that that sell illegal goods – don’t accept this as identification. This kind of forgery won’t work with the police either – the paper is too light, and card stock is too heavy.

If doctors could write prescriptions for medical marijuana, perhaps that could be used for buying seeds – but the laws say the doctors can recommend – but they can not write prescriptions.

The ordering instructions from some of the online cannabis seeds bank company’s appear to drop ship orders directly from foreign countries for an affiliate partner that is advertising in America.

When you send in an order it goes directly to the foreign supplier – the supplier packages the order, sends a commission on to the affiliate partner, and ship’s you your package.

Sometimes the advertisement reads like you are dealing with an American business – but when you get to the ordering part – it becomes all slight of words.

Now you discover you are really dealing, round about, with the foreign entity that wouldn’t deal with you directly.

The real company is in Holland – offering discreet packaging so the shipping process won’t be as likely to stop it and confiscate it – at your expense.

Yes you lose, – the company did what they said they would do – its not their fault the law intercepted.

Shipping prices were quoted by one Holland company. 18 Euros for the first package of 10 seeds and 1 Euro for each additional package.

The Currency Converter in their internet program is designed to convert the Euros into dollars. These cannabis seeds bank deals get very expensive.

The seeds themselves (10 seeds usually but sometimes less) are sold by what they call a package – and more often than not they don’t quote the number of seeds inside the package.

The lowest price that can be found without an all day search is $25.00 per package. The highest prices is so far out there is no need to quote it – but the high end is generally, $125.00 to $250.00 per package.Many advertisements don’t mention price – you need to go to the order and check out place to get prices and their shipping costs.

In comparing prices from another Holland company – 10 feminized seeds cost $99.00 for Big Bud and as low as $39.00 for feminized Skunk #1 – but if you want Northern Lights #5 – 10 seeds will cost $180.00. Better have a lot of extra cash if you are sending for Holland seeds. And like mentioned above, you had better be a gambler.

Some cannabis seeds bank companies offer free shipping and they sell the seeds as collectibles or souvenirs – but they have prices comparable to all the other Holland seed banks. So they are most likely either located in the Netherlands or they are affiliated with one that is.

The people of Holland have another mania tale to tell as crazy as this seed mania – about tulip mania of the 1630’s – when tulip prices were lured by tales of fat profits.

The market was spirited completely out of control – the rare beauty of these flowers captured the desire and attention of everyone – No one had ever seen a tulip before, and somehow they captivated nearly everyone. Looking back, it all sounds like a fairy tale – only this really did happen.
Tulip-mania ended in the winter of 1636/1637, when the greater fool refused to show up and pay – within days the panic spread across the land and the market for tulips evaporated.

The cannabis seeds bank mania of today, grips our attention – even at the height of tulip-mania, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange -well established in the 1630’s, wouldn’t touch tulips.

We know the Stock Exchanges in Amsterdam or anywhere else won’t touch the cannabis seeds bank market – because it is illegal. Will its illegal status be a benefit – or will it be its downfall?

Most of these internet sources of seeds are company’s that do not give the shopper much information.

Who or where they reside – they don’t even tell you how much of what you are buying – and worst of all you haven’t any assurance you will ever receive anything – – – after paying such a big price.No wonder some of them offer free shipping !

Another cannabis seeds bank, advertises out of Canada – saying the sale and possession of cannabis seeds are legal.

If this is true – and it is not – Marc Emery wouldn’t be in prison today. These bold advertisers will say anything to make a sale – and leave you holding an empty bag.

If this Canada company ships worldwide like they say they do, they may get the same treatment as Marc Emery is getting because that is exactly what he was found guilty of.

This Canada cannabis seeds bank advertiser does not tell the buyer how many seeds are in an order

They do not offer feminized seed – prices range from $75.00 to $150.00 per order (whatever an order consists of) this company calls themselves a Medical Seed

Another cannabis seeds bank is called “Attitude Seed-Bank” with prices from $30,00 up to $120.00. Says all the same things the Holland companies do. They ask viewers that want to do business to call a phone number Monday – Friday.
This “Attitude Seed-bank” outfit has a poorly put together website with the tail end of each line cut off if you print it – so you can’t really read any of it.

They never do say how many seeds are in an order either.

Seed banks started back in the 80’s and have grown to over 500 today – although no one knows exactly what constitutes an entity that calls itself a seed bank.

Thousands of small operations sell seeds that surely are not classed as banks. So no one really knows how many cannabis seeds bank owners there really are – or how many is advertising on the internet. Most of them are careful how they expose themselves.

The fact that no country owns the internet – that makes it available to everyone – – – yet ! BUYER BEWARE is 100% in order when dealing on the internet!

There are 4 types of cannabis seeds bank operations on the internet.Retailer/ Distributor — Marijuana Breeders — Breeder/Retailer — Affiliate seed dealer on commission/ Breeder grower.

The cannabis seeds bank in medical marijuana states will eventually become available for medical marijuana patients – if the programs are allowed to survive long range.

Oregon is working on one now that may be getting close to opening – but with the Federal government so set on keeping this non-toxic herb off the market – anything can happen in the future.

The American government does not allow anyone – medical patient or otherwise – grower, large or small – clinic or doctors -anybody at all is breaking the law if they possess a single seed of marijuana.

American people need to find a way to take our government back, the Power they have, is against us – we need to do it before they make anymore laws that keep us from living.

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The Federal Government took out patents on medical marijuana.

Why would the government take out a patent on something they claim is worthless? And how can the government take out a patent on a natural substance, when the patent office has turned down all other requests, telling everyone that natural, common things can’t be patented.

Even their pharmaceutical Corporations make this claim – and have for years.

The Federal Register announced that they were contemplating the granting of an exclusive patent license to practice the invention covered in its U.S. Patent #6,630,507 (which the government owns)

When the Pharmaceutical industry gets their exclusive rights to twist and torture cannabis in their test-tubes and experiment on people with their endless hard drugs, mixed with cannabis, natural non-toxic cannabis will either die forever or cause a civil uprising.

Unless there is a sudden act of God, the laws may soon change the whole perspective on cannabis medicine – and you may as well kiss HEMP BIOMASS goodbye, forever.

These insiders have been after HEMP for 75 years – making sure it never gets in the way of their evil petrochemicals & drugs, that are Conventionally destroying the planet.

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There seems to be a problem with the United Nations stand on enforcement of any and all the things the Family Council on drug awareness deems to be facts.

They have allowed the Family Council to hold sessions to prove the true facts, but when it comes to standing up for those facts, they suddenly become a so-called neutral party – but in reality they are in communion with the Inns of Court – anything but NEUTRAL.

This is why “The Report” – facts about cannabis/marijuana/HEMP as proven by the Family Council of drug awareness has not been circulated over these many years of protest.

The United Nations have not acted neutral towards a lot of countries. They have not protected any country that was in disagreement with the strongest nations.

They have stood by, and watched the powerful countries, wrong other smaller countries – and did nothing to stop them. Didn’t even make a show of trying to stop them.

The soul purpose of the united nations was to protect the weak nations from the most powerful nations – but they have not honored their purpose – but instead, teamed up with the strong ones.

The so-called world piece keeper, is nothing but another branch of the same overpowering, POWERS from Behind the Curtain – with no protection what-so-ever for the small or weak nations. And entirely useless to any individual needing justice,

With all the strong entities on the same side and all the weak ones on the other – I wonder which side has the best chance to win?

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