Cannabis Ruderalis: Forgotten and Abandoned

Cannabis Ruderalis grows wild in Asia and the America version of it grows wild in areas of the mid-west, where it grows in witness of the great hemp crops of the olden-days – before hemp was outlawed along with marijuana.

Cannabis Ruderalis is a subspecies of cannabis sativa – degenerated from lack of care.

It is used today for breeding other marijuana types that become new marijuana strains that are good for medical purposes as well as for recreational use. Mexican marijuana is closely related to Ruderalis.

This puny little plant, once a giant tall plant that grew from 12 to 20 feet in a few months and furnished pulp and fiber in great quantity”s to the American people.

Hemp was the largest crop grown in America before 1937. The national magazines of that time claimed it was to become the first billion dollar a year crop.

Hemp outperformed all the other crops, with a 10 ton per acre yield and a two and three crops a year posability. No other crop even comes close today – and it outshines all other materials used in manufacturing, for there are few things that can’t be made of hemp – BETTER!

Now after all these years of being left alone out in the abandoned fields, this little survivor has presented itself as a future winner.

This degenerated little plant with almost no THC has high potential as a breeding plant for both hemp and marijuana. One of the best features is that it may make a strain ready to harvest much sooner.

This early flowering plant has its own built-in resistance towards insects and disease. These traits are worth the time and efforts of the breeder to win some new varieties that offer at least as good results as other plants in use, while at the same time, pick up the good traits of Ruderalis.

During the 1980’s, Nevil – proprietor of the seed bank and responsible for many of today’s marijuana varieties – Nevil crossed some of his fine plants with Cannabis Ruderalis, and got a few that showed promise as well as some that were a disappointment.

There are a number of varieties have been developed from the crossing of Ruderalis with other strains, and some of them are:
Mity Mite
Mighty Cola
Rudy Tooty
Early Bud
Early Purple
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