Cannabis Cloning is Easy and Fun

Cloning Cannabis Will Keep You Busy And Well Supplyed With Medicine

Cloning cannabis is one of the best things you can do if you want to raise indoor marijuana, month in and month out – but keep in mind what the guidelines are as far as being legal goes.

If you are growing for yourself only, you must stay inside the number limit for your state. If your state allows over eight, you can keep a steady flow of plants at different stages, but if your state allows less than eight, it may be hard to keep the flow going and stay within the law.

You will need to reason on this fact and do as you decide is best for your situation.

The first thing you must have to get started, is a proven mother plant that you know produces the kind of marijuana best for your permitted ailment.

Most people talk to their caregiver and find out if they can get their first clone from them – from the plant that has been furnishing their medicine – that way they are sure to get the right strain for their ailment.

After raising the first clone into a young adult, about 5 or 6 weeks old, it can then be used for cutting more clones from.

When cloning cannabis, you need to select the best branch, one that looks healthy and full,cut the end of the plant stem, with a razor blade at an angle – about 5 to 7 inches long.

As soon as you have the stem you are going to use cut off, take the side leaves of for a few inches from the bottom of the stem- leaving a top that branches out in two or more directions.

Dip the stem in your rooting hormone, all the way up the stem almost to the green leaves. This hormone will give your cutting a good start and make it want to root. Cloning cannabis is not very successful without the hormone – so be sure to have it on hand.

If you are using rock wool, for cloning cannabis, stick your finger down in the center of the block and then insert the stem into the hole. If your using dirt, do the same thing – the finger hole makes it easier to get the stem in without injury to the end of the stem and you won’t knock the hormone powder off.

It is best to use the rock wool or a jiffy pot for cloning cannabis, because you can plant the whole thing later on when it is time for a larger pot, instead of disturbing the root system by transplanting.

people that grow for several patients can start a half dozen at a time where one person alone must stick to only one or two.

You may be tempted to start more clones than you should, because it is so easy – but keep in mind, you are following rules – and if you are caught violating those laws, you automatically become a criminal, so watch your step!

There’s nothing a Swat team likes better than to bust a pot smoker – especially a sick one, depending on medicine they grow themselves.

The clone will grow fast and look like the three in the picture within a week or two.

Considering about a 4 month time span for cloning cannabis, from beginning to harvest, you will need to divide the number of plants your program allows you to have in your possession, into 4 groups.

If you are allowed 8 plants altogether, you would have 4 two plant groups. You figure the groups out so they move from one category to another. (baby – intermediate – adult – harvest)


You would start 2 clones, and raise them until the reach vegetative stage, also called the intermediate stage. When they reach this stage they will be very healthy, and about a foot tall. At this time you move those 2 plants out of the nursery, where they have been growing under an adjustable fluorescent light.

Now you put these 2 plants under a Metal Halide fixture in their own little room – with walls and floor painted “bright white” for the best light possible. See beginners growing marijuana indoors.

Wait about a week and then you start 1 more clone in the nursery – take the cutting for that clone from the mother plant you started with – and then move the mother plant into the adult room where it can become your first medicine plant.

You can use your intermediate plants to make cuttings for cloning cannabis, after they are over a foot tall – so from now on you furnish your own cloning cannabis stock.

Now you have one clone started in the nursery, 2 intermediate plants in the intermediate room under metal halide lights, and you have moved your mother plant into your finish room that is also painted “bright White” – but it is equipped with a “High Pressure Sodium” fixture.

This is the time in your intermediate plants life for pruning – and it is the best time to take your cutting for cloning cannabis – but this time around you already have a clone growing in your nursery –

And you had to move your first plant (that served as a mother plant) into the finish room. So you don’t need to make any cuttings at this time.

It is time to prune the 2 intermediate plants if you want them to bush out instead of growing tall – a matter of personal choice. You should review
pruning marijuana

so you will understand how it is done and learn the right time to do it.

when the 2 intermediate plants have reached 3 or more feet tall, and your next clone is ready for the intermediate stage, you move the 2 big intermediates into the finish room. Your first plant should be getting about ready for
harvesting marijuana.

When the first plant is harvested, you can start 2 more clones in the nursery – and from now on, every time you complete a harvest, you start 2 new clones in the nursery.

Now you are cloning cannabis in the nursery, while you are caring for the 2 in the intermediate grow room – plus you are caring for 2 adult plants in the finish room.

The next stage will be harvesting your 2 adult plants, and making sure the other plants are well cared for while you are learning all about the harvest. The 2 from the intermediate room will become young adults, and the 2 from the nursery will become young intermediates – and again you will wait until the harvest is over each time, before starting 2 more clones.

You will be busy harvesting the first 2 adults and storing them for use – and using them of course for your ailment. It will feel good to have your own medicine, and best of all you are learning how to rotate your plants into a continuous flow of medicine.

You can learn to dry, manicure, and store your medicine by studying the “harvesting marijuana” page – you can also learn from “marijuana storage” page, so you can be sure you have good medicine that will last until you are ready to harvest another 2 plants.

All state programs may not be the same in regard to growing your own, so the information here may only apply to the state of Oregon – hopefully some of the other 15 state programs can explain their guidelines and their details.
Cloning cannabis in Oregon where dispensaries were open for business, the patients that grew their own medicine, was able to be compensated for out of pocket expenses, for their overage amount of marijuana.

The program in Oregon allowed a patient to raise only so much for their medicine – anything over that amount it called an overage.

If the patient kept records of expenses, that amount could be retrieved through a dispensary by bringing the overage to the dispensary and turning it in with all the records and signing all the necessary papers.

If you keep the overage,yourself, you are acting illegally. This is part of the problem, the states are having to deal with. The idea of dispensaries and how to keep all the people involved, as honest as the law expects them to be.

The dispensaries take the overage and redistribute it to patients that can’t raise it themselves – but the honesty factor seems to get involved in several ways, because this is called a non-profit organization. Cloning cannabis can be a problem even when it looks so harmless.

Some of these dispensaries have created paperwork that helps to create payment to the dispensary through a gratuity charge for each transaction they perform – and they resell the overage at the rate the grower was paid for growing it.

It is hard to expect people to work at redistributing this product without getting paid for their work, and therein lies the problem with honesty.

Dispensary update:

It has always been a challenge to growers, to grow the biggest and best plants ever – and now, what good are they if the grower can’t even be rewarded with the extra production – in fact, made into a criminal if they dare to keep it? (but only if they are caught)

The fact is, the number of people that have turned in an overage, is few as compared to the number that most likely have an overage. So how does the state go about overcoming the honesty factor?

They haven’t found answers finding the answers. The dispensaries received a letter telling them to shut down the dispensaries or they would get busted.

To stay on the safe side – within a week, almost all of them had closed and everyone went back to their old caregiver/patient operations.

Most of these dispensaries cost thousands of dollars to put together – and it was a complete loss. Be careful and keep up with what is happening.

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